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  • Louisvilleguy32 ·
    Hey, I noticed somewhere that you had changed the color of your HVAC and the other controls near the radio... I had a Prelude I changed mine to but had a little green filter in the buttons... how did you manage to change the colors on that?
    jsaylor2 ·

    I saw your post on replacement bulbs for the Avalon HVAC cluster. i was wondering where you can get the bulbs. I just want the stock ones. Do you know of any websites?

    MikeD215 ·
    dude i have been creeping on your car audio advices posts.. and also delving into your car domain page.. your pretty sick with it ... in the beat area.. Question i gotta 01 corolla.. that as you may or may not know is pretty light stock.. i plan to keep it that way...but i also like bass. hehe.. dont wanna kill my space in the trunk with a big ass box of subs also i like the factory look and wanna keep my headunit if i can stock(clean sweap,epicenter) ..since people already in my neighborhood are shady and like to steal stuff.

    what are your recommendations for a nice clean set up thats loud and clear but beats compents+subs.. im looking at hertz.. jl audio..audison.. fosgate.. mb quart stuff not like kenwood sony xplode mtx crap.. also im on somewhat a budget since i dont have oodles to spend on 1000+ on components .. steve meade doesnt sponser me ok lol..

    if you could help me out i would
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