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  • JimBowNut ·
    THANKS FOR THE REPLY BROTHER! MY PAL HAS THIS T100 AND he asked me to see if I can find a picture from back of the throttle position sensor. He thinks he has TPS off a few degrees left or right. He thinks he can see one from a T-truck running properly and match it on his and "All will be Right with the World."

    Could you possibly take this pic?


    BamZipPow ·
    There a few of us who do. I also have a 1996 T-100 3rzfe 4 cylinder auto. What do you need? Are you looking to buy or just make some comparisons?
    Hoyt's are a great bow! I am on my fourth one (I always want the latest and greatest). I shoot an Alpha Max 32 right now and couldn't be happier! Haven't made the jump to a Carbon Matrix or Element yet. They are too much money, but they are definitely a shooter!
    JimBowNut ·
    OK.....You will have to come down some time and collaborate......Most dealerships don't repair transmissions so I have very little knowledge base to help..........but if you can read exploded diagrams then we can probably do an ID on part........gotta go now til manana..........jim
    N/A Camry Sleeper ·
    OK I got a doozy for you - Im thinking of using an E53 tranny (OEM 1992 Camry V6 5-speed) in my 4-cyl but I want the 5th gear from the E153 tranny. I've been told the two will interchange. If this is so, could you check on a price for JUST the 5th gear from the E153? I figured this would be a longshot, but if it'll work it would mean hella gas mileage...

    If you can't find it then I may pay a visit to Pull a Part or something like that

    Thanks again for all of your help!

    N/A Camry Sleeper ·
    Hey Jim...I was wondering if you could check the price on a new set of upper and lower ball joints for a Gen3 Camry - I'm in need of some parts after a mishap on I-40...I can't remember if you worked at a Toyota dealership...please let me know either way and I can stop by Wednesday afternoon. If so - what time do ya close Wednesday? Thanks again!

    I would love to see your Camry at some point if possible
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