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  • 1driver ·
    Today 09:26 PM - permalink1driver
    Hello kamesama980, I have 1985 Cressida with 215k kilometers on the clock, everything is working fine, except its starts pinging under load, when accelerating. I've check timing, its correct. Just wondering if knock sensor is faulty, or something else. Any advice and ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.
    DalyCity ·
    Mr. Kamesama980,

    the engine on my 1983 cressida wagon (automatic), head gasket blew.
    saw a rebuilt 1985 Supra 5mge for sale on ebay.
    how different is the 5mge of a 1985 supra, from the 5mge on my 1983 cressida?
    bottom line: if I buy this engine, would it work in my cressida?
    (my concern: that there might be significant differences where the parts from my cressida wouldn't fit properly on the supra 5mge. my hope: that everything is an exact fit.)

    Thanks for the consideration!
    Trying to get my baby back on the road,
    Daly City, CA
    max quang ·
    Hi Kamesama ,

    How have you been ? I am Max ,you have helped me with my Cressida 1990 before when i first got it. Now i have more time to work on it and i need your help.It runs good so far for an 1990,i think previous owner did not tell the truth when he sold the car to me. So far,i have replaced the Head gasket dued to Over heating,breaks,rotors,break calipers,inner and outter thingy, front struts,all 4 tires just to have 1 front tires worn out at the outter edge. I was unable to do the alignment since it was not fixed correctly after an front collision,and this was done by Longo Toyota dealer.!? Now i am trying to : change the break light ( both ) valve gasket, since i have found oil by the spark plugs surrounding..I am planning to work on it since most required replacement and know-how and time.I have found a link for Supra but was not locate the right information i needed. Please,any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you !
    DalyCity ·
    Mr. Kamesama,
    I own the 83 Cressida Wagon that had trouble passing smog 2 yrs ago.
    i believe the headgasket blew yesterday.
    I'm wondering what to do next.
    1 option i'm thinking about is installing a used engine.
    the current engine has 175k miles on it.
    I found this online & wondered what you thought.
    here's the link:
    they also sell this: 6MGE 3.0 200hp engine for 82-85 Toyota Supra
    the owner said it would work in my car.
    any thoughts?
    any advice is greatly appreciated.would you know any places to buy a good used engine for my car?lastly, I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area,do you know anyone locally who might be able to help as well.(like a shop or mechanic that knows what he's doing)
    thanks for the help, (sorry for dropping a boatload of problems on you)
    daly city, california
    max quang ·
    Thank you so much ! I almost ruined that Air-Flow meter....but stopped on time..hope i did not pulled something out of wack ! Thank you for your help..i did see the 2 metal pins on the sides of that plug connector but i could not get them out. Is there a special tool to remove it? I will try again ,using anothe Philips .
    You have also a red 1990,...did it come with the repair manual ?
    Ultrabobt ·
    well, i use my truck as a daily work truck and because of the CEL and code 52, it runs like total crap. It has no power and gets terrible gas mileage. It may actually have a rod or low end knock and i cant afford a rebuild. I was thinking i could deal with the low end knocking for a while. I have never heard it ping.
    Ultrabobt ·
    hello, Its a pleasure to finally join the toyotanation! I have a question and judging from reading all these forums, you seem to be somewhat of an expert on Knock Sensors.

    My vehicle is a 91 toyota pickup 4wd w/ 22re (212k miles)

    My questions; Is it possible to build a frequency generator to "fool" my ECU into thinking that my knock sensor is putting out a proper frequency?
    Would there be too much ambient "noise" for a freq. generator circuit, under the hood, to put out a clean square wave?
    Do you know what frequency it is "supposed" to be? what are the high and low limits in the ECU?
    And lastly, would this frequency need to be constantly varying with the engine rpms, in order to fool the ECU into believing its functioning properly?

    basically i want to try to eliminate the retarded timing issue. I believe i have a small knock and the KS is functioning properly.
    CressidaPDX ·
    Hello again and thanks for your time and expertise. I also need to say that I did replace the temp sensor with no change in symptom. The books are coming from ebay, so I actually do not have them yet. {Factory Electric and Service Manuals }
    The thermostat will be replaced as a matter of due diligence, and then I will know for sure that at least the parts are fresh
    CressidaGuy ·
    I have a 1991 Toyota Cressida w / stock factory OEM radio / cassette player & satelite switch. I located a stock OEM radio / cassette / CD player, satelite switch & amp from a salvage 1991 Toyota Cressida. The factory OEM amp mounted behind the audio unit under dash. Do you have any idea if the wiring harness for the existing OEM unit is compatable with the updated OEM audio unit & satelite switch that has the CD player? The OEM satelite switch for the player with the CD unit has twice as many selector buttons on it. Was not sure if this may have an adverse impact on the existing "wiring" even if the plugs on the harness & sockets on the audio unit are the same. Are you familar with these two audiio units? Any insight you have would be very helpful. There is some type of "ribbon" connector socket on the back of OEM audio unit with the CD player that does not exist on OEM audio unit that does not have a CD player. Am I in over my head ? Your opinion would be helpful! Tom
    CressidaPDX ·
    Hello and thank you in advance
    I just bought my dream Cressida. A 1989 from the original family , always maintained at the dealer, with less than 83k original miles. I put new struts on it and tires with a 4 wheel alignment and I really thought I would have no problems for a long time.
    Then comes the weirdest thing I've seen on a car.
    I start the car and the temp gauge goes all the way to the red.
    Keep im ,imd that the headgasket was replaced at the dealer, there is a new thermostat housing, new thermostat, new hoses, and Toyota red coolant.
    I took the car to a certified Toyota only mechanic who measures the heat with an infra red heat gauge. The car has never lost a drop of coolant, and he says that for sure there is no cooling system failure. He disconnects the temp gauge sensor and the gauge drops down to normal operating temp, and then t zero after abut a minute. I have purchased the Toyota shop electrical book and the Toyota service manual as well, Do you have any ideas ?
    cruzer_89 ·
    When i say like new i mean like new... I'm not a racer or a drifter. The car is used for my daily 5 mile commute. Yes everything is welded and ready to be installed. The car is going back to stock for a relative of mine.
    grin ·
    hey man well im at a point where i need help and i figured id ask you so here it goes.
    i had my 5mge head brought to the shop and had a valve replaced and all the valve stems also the head resurfaced and pressure tested then got it back and had a problem i had only 8 lifters from this head but all the rockers so i used my other heads lifters and rockers and now it sounds like shit i took it apart again but my lifters and rockers all got mixed up now im not sure if the numbers on the rockers have a certain order and ive herd that the lifters are mated to your rockers and shouldn't be mixed is this true? is there a certain way the cams have to be installed? i dont have a book so im just going with the flow . i can get it running and sounds fine until around 1500 3000rpms then knocks. im stumped and have no clue what to do so any advice is much appreciated
    grin ·
    hey man i seen your post on the w58 swap and you really know your shit and id like to thank you im doing a swap and iam going to be doing as much of your directions as possible
    k_tieu ·
    well i got the 2jz from a supra at my house waitint onn the tranny to come in i got the v160 tranny any special mounts i need for that one
    k_tieu ·
    hey u said to a JZX81 or jzx90 would fit in the cressida there both 1jz engines
    would the 2jz from a supra fit in the cressida ?
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