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  • fungabriel ·
    If the A/C is on before you turned off the car, it'll turn on when you start the car or remote start the car and vice versa. You can't turn on or off the a/c with remote connect. Only thing you can do is start the car, lock, unlock the car. You can use Alexa or Google Assistant to start/lock/unlock your car. The upside of having the remote connect service is, GPS location of the car, you can see where your car is at. You can see the vehicle status like miles to empty, odometer. It can send notifications to your phone if you left the car unlocked, window down, hood up, trunk open and etc. You can set other notifications for example, you let someone borrow your car, you can set a specific speed limit like 60mph and if the person exceeds mph you will get a notification on your phone about it. Total miles limit, area limit, and so on. Also, you need remote connect service to enable your key fob to start the car by pressing the lock button three times.
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