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  • lcazin ·
    Hi Kathy, sorry I am new to this. Did you say the LE had a better ride? thats what I was told but the SE had other sportier benefits. I dont want to have have made a mistake...too hard on myself
    exbauer ·
    Hi kathyricks,

    I am looking to buy a camry and live in Portland. What dealer did you purchase from and your salesman? it looks like you got a great price and want to see what they can offer.

    tjmanson1 ·
    Kathy, it seems like you have angered (or alienated) a bunch of people. What's up with that? Are you trying to be argumentative? Or just stating your opinions?
    CheapyB5 ·
    When you mentioned using an epoxy cement to help with your loose bearing race, was it JB weld or what did you go with? Got a loose bearing race myself and not sure how far to go with correcting it. Thanks for your input, Andy.
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