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  • Jay San ·

    Do you still have any corrolla JDM wagon face lights and or indicator parts.

    Kind Regards,



    New Zealand
    trife96 ·

    Nice upgrade on the ECU. I'm looking to change my ECU to the 6 speed ECU since my conversion. Is it possible you would be willing to part ways with your old ECU? I could possibly get one here locally, but I know your's is in good working condition.

    Let me know.
    alan dale ·
    hi scott!! how are you? am a member of toyota region 3 as you were too.. Would just like to ask something. i owned a toyota corolla 2000 A/T model but it seems that it;s fuel consumption is abit high. it only runs 7 km/ liter. is it normal? if not, what would be the possible problems? tia
    SpiritedDriver ·
    Hello kiwi I was looking thru the picture thread and saw your car I love the look. I am impressed never tought you could fit 8"wheel with 15 offset so well. Are you running any kind of spacers? Did you have to pull the front fenders or what kind of camber are you running? I would really appreciate the info as this is basically exactly what I would like to run. Thanks Ed
    WhiteGXrolla ·
    Hi Kiwi i am wondering if you can help me with something. I have a 1997 Toyota Corolla GX but i cannot seems to find any info on the gx??? Its a 3 door hatch but not a GXI. Any help will be appreciated thanks.
    Papabear6197 ·
    Hello I'm new to the form and I saw an d post you did of making a CAI . I have an 88 toyota corolla gts is it possible for me to do it for that ? And if so do you mind giving me a lil instructions on doing It I'm still a lil new but I think I can figure it out with a lil help. You can email me at [email protected] or gou can get back to me here ethier way .thanks very much sir
    OwaisYunus ·
    Hello Kiwi. Hope you're doing well. I'm a fellow member from Pakwheels aswell and while searching for a wiring diagram for 1nz-fe, I came across this thread:

    Here, you have provided links to 1nz-fe wiring diagrams or pinouts but for some reason, the links are not opening, though I know the thread is quite old. I would be very grateful if you can send me a wiring diagram and pinout for 1nz-fe because I'm in the process of buying a 1nz-fe to swap in my E120 corolla and have not come across diagrams that are much help. Again, if its not too much to ask, please send me anything related to 1nz-fe wiring, be it diagrams, pinouts, grip layout etc. Thank you in advance. Waiting for a response anxiously :)
    stamsof ·
    Hi Kiwi
    I hope you are doing fine and i also hope you won't forget to e-mail me if you find an "Air purifier" (plug-n-play) for my little and reliable Starlet EP 70!!

    Best regards!!
    stamsof ·
    Hi Kiwi
    What is the shipping price to Greece for the "JDM roof mounted air purifier" fitting on Starlet ep71 (clean ace) if there still exists?

    I am looking forward for your answer!!!

    deTonaTor ·
    Hey mate, that cold air intake you made for the caldina, any reason why you used 2.5" tube and not 3"? Was it so it fit through the guard or something?
    wwpitabread ·
    Hello Kiwi.

    I have a 2005 Corolla S. My windshield wipers stopped working in the intermittent mode and my wipers don't go all the way down when I shut them off. Wherever I stop them is where they stop instead of returning to their resting mode. I get washer fluid but wipers don't work intermittently. Any suggested solutions?
    hawkman71 ·
    Hi Kiwi,

    Just curious if you have a key-ring (ignition) light and/or floorwell light(s) for a 7th generation Corolla?

    I love all your photos and advice etc, on the forum!

    hawkman71 (Alan)
    TAH Owner ·
    I'm new here and have some questions. What is the Thanks activity and how is it activated? Below the user name some people have an area that shows their type car and mods listed, how do I add that to my posts? Thanks
    Corollove ·
    Hi! I was wondering how hard would it be for you to get a hold of an OEM 7th gen fog light switch? (the one located on the power mirror control panel) I'd be interested in buying one from you.
    corolla.fx-gt ·
    hey i bought a MSD Blaster SS coil pack and on the instructions it says if i have a non-current limiting ignition system or points ignition i require something called a ballast resistor. what does it mean current limiting ignition system? and how do i tell if i have it or not?.. thanks
    Monkey_man ·
    Hey mate just want to thank you for the cai for the caldina. Fitted to mine now sounds wicked all i can hear is the turbo wind and the flutter aswell cheer bro
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