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  • lokeshwarn ·
    Dear Landphil:

    My 2002 Corolla has multiple error codes in the igniter system and I fear it could be a faulty ground connection you suggested LilVic13 in the forum. I will appreciate if you would send me the pdf. that you sent LilVic13 to my e-mail address [email protected] I replaced the Valve Cover Gasket recently and I might have messed up the ground connection. FYI, I also enclose the message I posted to LilVic13 in the forum.

    Hello LilVic13:
    My 2002 corolla is due for a smog test and I have the same codes and excessive oil consumption. I will be happy if you would share your experience (how you fixed the problem)? and Landphil's pdf to my e-mail address [email protected] Thank you in advance. - Nal "

    Thanks in advance - Nal
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