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  • SweetnessSonne ·
    Hi, I was wondering if I could bother you with a question. I was wondering if you knew where the cylinder block drain cock plug is located on a 2009 Venza?

    Thank you.
    Shawn Gwaltney ·
    @lburton, Very sweet Venza you have. I’m about to purchase the Billet Grille like yours, and I’m curious of the color/finish you have? It looks like the Brushed Aluminum, is this correct? Others option are: chrome, black gloss or matte.

    Thank you,
    Sifu ·
    If you hit a bump does it rattle? Click or go ratatatatat? I'd also look into your CV joints.
    dustydis2014 ·
    Now I got it, its one box per light. I was thinking one box was good for the entire set up. Now I got to order four more, lol, thanks BRO. HA HA HA HE HE HE. I got the first two today, I"ll have to MacGyver my wife's RAV4 with something from the junkyard for the bottom light next to the reverse light, I don't thing a light is out yet for the reverse and brake light, hopefully everything comes in by next weekend. Thanks again I really like your set up.
    dustydis2014 ·
    Hey lburton, how did you connect the strobe controller and not having the middle light flash. I notice the top and bottom both flashes when you step on the brake. Did you replace all the brake lights with LEDS.

    Thanks in advance.
    jakevenza ·

    I am new to this forum stuff, so I'm having difficulty reaching out with questions and getting answers. You helped me once and I was able to purchase some rear reflector leds, so I'm writing to you to ask for your help. If this is not the proper way for me to get answers, please tell me how to get help.

    Trying to install them, their instructions did not correspond to the color of the wiring on my Venza (white/blk stripe, green/white stripe, green). Do you know or can you tell me how to determine which wire does what?

    Also, I'm trying to do the switchback front turn signals that bigscoren did, but I don't see how to wire the bulb socket ( it seems to me that the bulb has no power for the white leds to function as constant on like drls). I wrote a question following his post, but he has not answered. Maybe I just have to wait longer.

    Thanks for your help.

    John K (jakevenza)
    Venza Cruiser ·
    Glad you liked my exhaust cutout.
    Not much aftermarket for the Venza this is a cheap way to get a nice sound when you want it without spending a bunch of money on the exhaust.
    Plus the cool gadget factor.
    I have my own lift and my other cars are a supercharged 600 rwhp 2002 Corvette Convertible C5 Manual 6 and a 300 hp 2004 Lincoln LS V8.
    Now that I have the Venza and my Corvette is done I may install the rear mounted STS turbo kit I have for the LS. It was my winter car since 2008 but RWD is not the greatest for winter..
    I wanted an AWD winter vehicle and liked the Venza low center of gravity with the bonus lowered springs making it even better.
    I really like the Venza as an all around vehicle after driving it for 6 weeks.
    I used to be a bodyman and painter so the skirt kit was easy work for me.
    I'm going to take it off and Carbon Fiber clearcoat it.
    No comments on my mods so far other than yourself.
    I just wanted to show what I have done since buying the Venza 6 weeks ago.
    valnar ·
    Oh nice. I just bought a 2009 RAV4 V6 Sport from Honda of Mentor. I pick it up Saturday. I couldn't make the Venza work for me.

    I'll be in your neck of the woods.
    valnar ·
    Hi. Thanks for all your replies so far.

    I see you are in Ohio? I'm in the Cleveland area. Are you nearby?

    dustydis2014 ·
    Hey bro wats up a while back you mentioned a OBD for the power window roll up when you lock the doors, i can seems find it can u shoot me some info about it. Thanks
    dustydis2014 ·
    Hey wats up I'm new to the Forum and i read on ur thread about ur catback.. were did u get it and roughly how much was it... thanks.

    lburton ·
    No problem man, it was fun so I did two versions.
    This is what I think you can reasonably get with the tires about topped out in the wheel wells.

    Here is stock.
    And this one is with it slammed almost to the ground. I hope you can get pretty close to it.
    I hope these work for you.

    Do you mind if I post them on your bag thread or do you want to wait and surprise everyone with the real thing?
    Cubanix ·
    Hey can you do me a solid? I was wondering id you can photoshop
    this pic and lower my car, tucking tire /slamm it lol

    is that possible? want to get idea how it would look bagged

    thanks !

    rejeyvenza ·
    Hey, another question for you since i know you have 32mm spacers. Do you know if i'd stand a chance with 38mm? Is 32mm maxed out for fender clearance? i want to go as wide as possible and be "hella flush" with the fender. I may even go wider if the wheel gap between wheel and outside fender rarely closes.

    Edit: NVM, from what I'm measuring it seems like the maximum.

    rejeyvenza ·
    Hey man, i keep seeing XRSized in some threads but all his pictures are gone!!! I have a white venza and by the sounds of it, he blacked his right out. Would you happen to have saved any of the pictures he posted or know where i can find them?

    Thanks so much!
    Nevesd0033 ·
    I have not put any pics up. I would like to show off my car to certain people just need someone who knows computers better than me to do so. I did get a supercharge Trd last week! Unfortunately I only drove it home and have not driven it since then. I live in town so I do not drive this car often. But the sound of my car is not like a venza. And does seem to be a lot jumpier. I will get pics and videos available by next week and will add you.
    nhcycle ·
    Just an FYI..... you are not technically in violation of Forum Rule 13 as there is no way of verifying the posted speed limit where you were demonstrating your K n N install.... we just don't want to encourage someone that may go over the line..... thanks for your undersanding and cooperation.

    13. No posting of threads/posts regarding street racing/how fast you drove above the speed limit on public roads. Any thread regarding street racing can and will be locked without notice.
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