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  • TamVu ·
    Hello leakyseals,

    I read your solution on the P0440, P0441 and P0446 code. My car is a 2002 Toyota Camry LE 2.4L with 106k miles on it. These three codes came on the same time for mine with P0420. I will be grabbing an OEM gas cap tomorrow to see if it fixes the issue. However, worst case scenario that it doesn't work, how would I proceed to check if the problem is from vacuum switching valve? Should I use an OHM meter and test it? Would it just be the vsv that needs to be checked or should I also check something else? Thank you leakyseals. I hope to hear from you soon.
    lagbolt ·
    Hey. I was woundering if taking a drimel to the oil holes and make a slit in it instead of holes? Would this work? Or will it make the pistion too week? I am about to do this build ill have 2 complete 1zzfe motors to work with . Thanks in advance for any help.
    leakyseals ·
    I've never heard of that happening on your engine. Maybe others will respond that have had this. Thats too bad. Wonder how/why?
    tommyd151 ·
    the engine died and would not turn over, i remover the spark plugs on cyls no. 2-4-6- and no.6 plug was flatened on the end. i backed up the piston and found a valv stem in the cyl hole of course it wont come out. was just wondering if any one has had this prob before.
    eblue ·
    Thanks for your response. I did search the thread for getting the CAT sensor ready but keep getting like a 2002 model. So are you saying that I should add the spark-plug anti-fouler on O2 sensor 2 a the bottom of the care on the passenger side? How can I do this and what's the part? I have also order some cataclean and seafoam to help clean the CAT. What are your thoughts on that as well?

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