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  • Camryka ·
    Hey man you def look like you know what your doing. Are you viet? I need help trying to install HIDs and plasti dipping my wheels. Could you make a video or tell me how I should do it? Thanks.
    icemanscion ·
    Hey, had a question about your build. Do those side mirror drl's / turning lights just stick on the side? Or did you have to drill the housings with a dremel to fit the lights? Also your car looks very clean :)
    mbuasan ·
    On your Toyota camry se back up camera, did you only need one female mate connector and the camera? Or did you still need the 4 female terminal pins?
    hieuvtran07 ·
    Hey bro. I wanted to ask you when you bought the turn signal mirror lights, did it come with the harnesses and instructions?
    Bjnzzzle ·
    hey man, i saw ur build thread with angel eyes photo, looks really cool man. Is there anyway to show me how to it? thanks man
    polarbear333 ·
    Hey ,man

    Saw your postie about the leds you v done to your camry, be amazed how cool the camry can be

    but in the thread there are too much info

    can you give me some recommendations where to purchase these leds ? maybe some parts number ?or a amazson link ?

    Thanks in advance

    WhoDaresWin ·
    Hi Lockdown,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I have seen all your work and really appreciate it.

    I have a question, I am planning to put white bulbs in my fogs & High beams, I don't want HID or LED.
    I want 55w bulb which can be as close as possible to my Low beam (Morimoto 35w 5K) (White).

    I tried Phillips Crystal Vision but no luck.

    What do you suggest what should I go for.
    Chautruong23 ·
    hey lockdown36,

    for the ccfl footwell lighting, does the footwell lighting turns on when you open the door and then turns off when you close it? thanks
    ayobad ·
    Hey Lockdown36,

    I notice that you post alot of great info on TN.
    I have a base 12 camry SE and I am looking to install a backup camera.
    I am just confuse in what do I need to buy??
    What camera should i get and what types of wires or connectors.
    I greatly appreciate your help!!
    DANNYBOY72 ·
    just FYI... I have an extra bra (Lebra) for our cars (SE). long story....I have a brand new one (extra) in box. Interested?
    DANNYBOY72 ·
    Sorry it took so long for these prices, but here they are:

    Door Sills set of 4 (front illuminated, rear not) - $155
    Headlight assembly (entire assembly including bulb) - $215
    onereason ·
    Does the rep you spoke with for the led door scuff plates still respond to your emails? I can't seem to get her to answer and ebay doesn't have that same style auction going on right now. I found another company but same thing, no response when you try to contact them.
    chauboii ·
    i think u forgot a zero in your post here. There should be a zero at the end in the part number for the terminal pins. Also is toyotapartszone the cheapest you can get the pins for?

    $50 feels like a lot for 4 pins and wires, and kevin mccoy isnt responding

    "Now to continue from the old thread.

    Hansen, where did you get the Toyota connector parts from? Did you just go to the dealer's service department and asked for Quote: One female mate connector : part #90980-12368 Four female terminal pins: part #82998-2429
    tmmcca ·
    Do you still have the other 4 terminals that you purchased on ebay? I will buy it back from you just test to see if it works or not. thanks
    I live in OC too, we can meet up and discuss. thanks
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