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  • vganti ·
    Hi LongBeachSE,

    When you installed the Otocam3, how did you tap out the Subwoofer output? Did you use the 20 Pin amp control harness from Advent that has RCA connectors for all the speaker outputs, or did you fashion one yourself? The Advent harness is ridiculuosly expensive now, and I was wondering if I can fashion one myself. Please reply to me at [email protected] Thank you in advance for your help.

    Goboy ·
    Wow. This is nice. I also have this white se and I was thinking to do the gloss roof wrap. But the grill is stunning. Love it. Can you post some more pictures of you car . Thanks
    daviddo ·
    Hey LongBeachSE,

    I love your mods, they work together so well! I also have a white SE and I was just wondering if it was a film that you put on the head and tail lights. If so, where did you order them from? Did you install it yourself or got it done? And did you cut out the white part of the tail lights (the reverse lights/sideways 7) or did you cover that too? Also, is that a 3M 1080 gloss black vinyl roof wrap? I was thinking about ordering it from metrorestyling but I wanted your opinions. Thank you so much!
    Miller94XLE ·
    Sweet ride, can you tell which rear sway bar you purchased and installed? I'd like to put the same one on my 2012 Camry SE V6. Thanks!

    Fermin8tr ·
    could you help me out with a little information on how the led drl were installed on your camry? what did you tap into for the power and the neg? and has it given you any problems?
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