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  • Hải Ä�à o ·
    viên cần học kế toán doanh nghiệp
    + lớp học kế toán sản xuất
    + học kế toán xây dựng
    + trung tâm kế toán thủ đức
    i với hoc ke toan tong hop tốt
    Hướng dẫn học kế toán tại thủ đức
    Hãy tham gia khóa học kế toán thực hành
    các học kế toán tại q3
    '88 All-Trac ·
    Glad to hear you didn't died. I miss talking cars with you... Not many people enjoy that these days. Stefan has been fun, though- thanks for introducing me to him. He's gotten me hooked on the idea of an MR2 rather than a Celica for my someday fun car.
    '88 All-Trac ·
    Did you died from the internet, or did I do something to spectacularly piss you off?

    Megan Racing plays Katy Perry's Teenage Dream when you're on hold, btw.
    greenmtgreg ·
    2001 22L camry when placing camshafts back in head do the marks on the cam gears line up

    need help with marks on cam gears 2001 22L camry
    datherden1 ·
    part 2
    Went 2 junk yard and bought used transmission and also the entire ignition assembly, along with the vin of the car it came off of. Toyota made the key. I disconnected the battery, unplugged cruise, air bag and any other stuff, and removed steering column. The bolts holding the ignition on the column were a real sob to get out but i eventually got it. got everything back together and everything was fine. While driving to my mechanic for the transmission to be installed i was committed to a hard long left that required me to turn the wheel all the way to the left. while doing this there was a slight binding in the turn. after the turn air bag light is on, cruise control and horn are inoperable. I read the post on removing the steering wheel. what advice can you give me on repairing this problem? Your help would be very much appreciated.
    datherden1 ·
    part 1
    I saw your post on horn/airbag/cruise control problems at steering column. I recently purchased a 1997 camry xle. I bough it from a towing company auction and it had 2 major problems. Transmission was shot. Would only go forward in 2 and 3rd gear. The other big problem was that the ignition at the steering column was broke,the ignition was literally broken in 2.
    see part 2
    toyotaholic ·
    Hi LynchburgCSI,

    Im entered in a facebook contest and would like TN's support. Is it against the rules to ask for help?
    coffee-3000 ·
    Hi LynchburgCSI. I'm thinking that I should delete my thread about the benchtop power supply from the "Off Topic" forum. I was trying to help out someone who was inquiring from the Gen3 forum. I forgot his username though. I shouldn't have posted it. Can you remove it for me. Thanks.
    cajungirl ·
    Thanks for your help with 1999 Camry Power Window Motor....Mike took it off and it is the motor. Can you tell me ..I plan to order this part from AAA Auto part online..the guy with the video of how to replace the motor.....OR do you recommend another place online to order part????
    Quattrovalvole ·
    Hi LynchburgCSI

    Sorry to bother is just a quick question.

    I have a 97 Camry 1MZ with an A/T A541E and I have an oil leaking that seems to come from the joint of the engine with the A/T

    Do you is there any gasket that needs to be replaced or I have just to tight up the bolts?

    Or I have a serious problem coming ?

    I ´ve been looking trough the manuals but I see no gasket.

    I have to replace my filter and fluid but I see non sense on doing this if I have to go for a bigger repair.

    Thanks in advance for any help .


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