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  • M in KC ·
    Hey thanks James. I didn't notice any wear groove in my oil pump shaft but I only have 82K on the odo. What was your odo with the worn groove? I would imagine oil grades and service frequency could impact the wearing a groove in the shaft positively or negatively. I used the shaft seal in the Fel Pro oil pump kit. I'm not sure if you were aware but Aisan (via Amazon) offers a complete bolt on oil pump if yours becomes unmanageable or there may be aftermarket seals with a wider lip to ride on a new part of the shaft and seal it up that way.

    I need to soak the sway bar bushing strap bolts down in some penetrating oil before I start. Thanks for the ratchet tip there. I'm debating on replacing the connecting links at the same time as they look original but the strut assemblies have been replaced fairly recently.

    Best Regards,
    Cressidaadr ·
    You are getting this Camry into great shape.

    Did you notice any groove worn into the oil pump shaft by the old shaft seal? Mine had a noticeable groove and I wondered how many miles it takes before the groove starts to show up. I didn't replace the shaft either so we'll see how the new seal works since I've read that this groove will not allow a good seal.

    BTW, it really helps with the front sway bar mount (rear bolt) to have a ratcheting wrench. I think it is 12mm. You can do it with a regular wrench but you will have to go very slow since you don't have room to turn the wrench.

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