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  • DBL14 ·
    Hey Master Z,

    I recently purchased my first matrix, its a 2012 matrix s with only 20 thousand km.
    I'm from ontario canada and was wondering how you got all your parts for you're car? I've been creeping your car for a while now and absolutely love it. id like to to the same with my car and was wondering if you could help me out with a parts list and where they were purchased? or if theres any newer/better better parts. I'm new to this whole car mod thing but love the concept.

    once again your Matrix is a beast
    gsbadbmr ·
    Yeah, i recognized your name also from Boomboxery, good to see you here! I'm looking for some wheels for my winter car/work car/boombox pickupmobile lol which is why i posted here! This is the first Toyota i've ever owned...and i actually like's not like my summer car but it's still a great reliable car!
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