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  • vdeal ·

    Do you still have the pictures for the Tundra OEM foglight install? Any chance of getting those - either back in the thread or by email? thanks.
    gtex50 ·
    Read a post where you said you remove and install seats all the time. Wonder if you could help. I have 07 solara coupe. RH in seat airbag is bad. Light stays on and I was told all airbags are disabled until repaired. I can't afford the 1500- to 2000- quoted as a tsb says replace both in seat airbags with a new different airbag. All I want to do is disable the in seat side airbag and have the light off and rest of system working. Sorry to bother you with pm but I can't find any info on this.
    chadwd ·
    Hi there,

    Would you be able to add photos for the DIY OEM FOG Light install again. Imageshack has scrubbed all of you photos.

    Especially interested in the removal of the steering wheel steps.

    scottr63 ·
    I read a post from you about a factory cruise control install for a Tacoma. does it apply to a 02 model year as well? Also, I could not see the pics you posted for the visual install. Can you help?
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