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  • 5thwheel ·
    Hello, Dave Ramsey here. I've got a 2008 Toyota Avalon that I bought used with 22K miles on it. It currently has 195K miles on it and I've done all the maintenance. My target is 250K miles, I love the powertrain, I'm just wondering if you see these cars with 250K miles on them frequently? The second question is, what in the world to replace it with? The new Avalon's with that "shark" front grill is pretty ugly. I'm thinking maybe a Highlander, but I don't think it has the headroom my car's got.

    Mike Murrell ·
    My '04 Tacoma 2.4 liter is equipped with automatic transmission which engages roughly at times(usually when the engine is fully warmed up). Shifting between gears can be jerky. The fluid is always clean and right at the full mark when fully warmed up. The book calls for Dexron-III. That's what I use. It may be simply the nature of this transmission. This is a cheap truck from Toyota's perspective. It's likely they were not concerned with smooth engagement like you'd expect in a $100K BMW.
    MadaGnik ·
    Very sorry for the late reply. It was a 2.4 auto. I honestly can't remember, I can ask the person who assisted he has a better memory. Do you have tranny problems with your truck? If so, what and how did you resolve?
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