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  • N/A Camry Sleeper ·
    Doory - Any 1MZ TB and intake should work but I pulled mine from a 98 Camry. The TPS and vacuum hoses are directly plug and play, you can go EGR-less or incorporate the EGR system if you care about emissions.
    adalex ·
    on your 5sfe that little orange air filter, would I notice anything if I replaced my stock hose with a little air filter like that? where did u get it from? and what size?
    beaming62 ·
    Hello Sleeper. I'm new to the forum but not to Toys. Had an old camry and a couple of celicas in my day. I posted to see if anyone had ever managed to hook up a Cel aftermarket header on a 94 Camry 5sfe and people said to ask you cause you are a guru on Camrys. So, you think it can be done?
    Thanks in advance.
    Ron, in VT
    The Camry ·
    Thanks for adding me! I need someone that likes being asked tedious performance questions about head work if you don't mind:lol:
    N/A Camry Sleeper ·
    Not yet! I'm going to do the bottom end first and then explore what I have to work with. Did you want to sell me that 5S head with the dropped seat?
    oscaryu1 ·
    Hey, just wondering if you ever got and cut up those 5SFE heads? I'm building a 3SFE and have two heads (one blown 3SFE, one 5SFE with a dropped seat) - if you'd like to help me cut up lol.
    JimBowNut ·
    Hey Sleeper......#43330-39435, list=56.72, you---37.51......Tax & all about 82.00 !!!

    Gave me a headache looking for uppers when there is no such thing. Thought I'd lost my mind there for a min............:lol:

    Have to order them in....anything else while I'm at it ?
    JimBowNut ·
    Hey Sleeper. Got a quick PM from You earlier but it somehow erased. Did you say 3rd Gen Lower AND upper ball joint assy.?.....I know I'm supposed to know all about these things but i can't seem to find uppers......Is there such a thing on 3rd gens.?

    Let me know and i'll look up tomorrow. gotta sign off for now...


    P.S. Performance Toyota of Memphis.....Parts Dept...758-4040,
    (in at 9am)
    JimBowNut ·
    Hey Sleeper......FYI, we started carrying a couple Amsoil items down here at Performance.......If there is an Amsoil item you really like let me know and I'll get it in here !........jim
    N/A Camry Sleeper ·
    Oh - that's just an inside joke. My earlier signature was "Titanium is my life" referring to all the nice little parts I found out that I could make once I got the right machinery. When I finished the first 7075 aluminum brake hat; that's when I came up with the new sig. Pretty corny I know, but that's the way I roll!
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