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  • rdonahue66 ·
    Howdy. If you are still around on here, I just got a used 2016 Camry stock entune and want to possibly do the premium Nav upgrade similar to what you did. I am also thinking about having a subwoofer and aftermarket speakers put in. Since it is the crappy 6 speaker system, I'll have to deal with just the tweeters in the dash, the front door speakers and 6x9's in the back (with an amp for those), and another amp for the sub.

    Any help would be appreciated. I have never dealt with a salvage yard to purchase a used radio. I am a bit hesitant to drop around $600 for one and not know how good it will look. Will they email you pictures of the actual unit you would be purchasing?

    jharb ·
    I am also trying to install the premium radio in my Camry SE. I order the cables for the GPS and XM you recommended. Is there anything else that is needed to complete the install.
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