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  • David Nichols ·
    My friend with the Cougar has a heck of a lot of disposable income. He's pretty wise. He puts money away that he doesn't need and occasionally picks up yet another car he doesn't need like a Subaru. One of their limited edition Rally cars. Not so rare that only 7 was ordered, but one where they built 501.

    Legally, It's just a Subaru Legacy, but it is SO much more and faster than the Cougar, but like most modern cars, fast isn't everything. He can keep playing in the cougar when that Subaru says with a pout, "I'm hot. I don't want to play anymore." NOT a tough car, lol.

    Figured you'd like that, but didn't want to spend too much time coming back to it again on Weazler's thread.
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