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  • scythe000 ·
    Oh, my intention was for it to be a thread about the head unit like the other one. I only mentioned the non JBL or hiss thing to benefit those having that specific issue
    scythe000 ·
    Hi Phil! I saw my post had been edited by you, but I can't see how it was edited. Anything I did wrong that I should avoid in the future? :)
    Phil Indeblanc ·
    I dont have experience with the captain chairs, but ones you take the plastic covers off the bottom, you should be able to see some larger bolts. Once you remove those AND disconnect any cables, there maybe 2 or more of them for airbag and such...then the seat should come out.
    Dont hesitate to post in the threads. There are folks who have removed the captain seats for various reasons. Cheers!
    weejosdf ·

    We have a 2018 highlander with captain chair (?) in second row. It is not a bench seat all the way across. I need to remove the smaller of the seats, which is directly behind the driver. Do you have any insights for this task? Before ripping plastic covers off it would be nice to know what is there. Alternatively, I could/might ask a body shop to do it for me.

    Our dog has trouble getting into the car and if the seat is removed he can more easily climb in/out.

    thanks for any suggestions.

    sbhighlander ·
    Hi Phil, I've been searching and searching for a thread on installing a simple small 8 or 10" sub in my 2016 highlander XLE. I want to simply turn all the bass down on the stock stereo and let a small sub do the work. The stereo sounds pretty decent but bass distorts at high volume. Have you seen a thread that shows how to wire the sub into the stock stereo etc? I'm also considering running all the speakers to an amp but can't seem to find a good thread with wiring diagram? Sorry for the noob. I'm a bit new to the forums and haven't figured out the search tricks. Thanks so much. -Dustin
    BVH ·
    Hi Phil. I just noticed that my signature is not showing. I remember filling one out and seeing it at one time. (2017 Limited). I re-input it just now and made sure "enable signature" is checked but I don't see it on my posts?


    lgb0250 ·
    I’m aware of your love for Carista Phil. LOL. Luckily I bought mine when it first came out and didn’t have subscription charges. Yes, I did do an advanced search and only come up with one thread from 2 months ago. This new one seems to have just disappeared. Usually there is something left in its place redirecting us to where it was moved to or why it might have been deleted. I’m still a fan of Carista even with the subscription service. $39.95 gives the buyer the OBD device and one month to play around with all the settings of any vehicles supported by it. Most laymen like me will do what they have to do in the 30 days period and never touch it again until needed for maybe another car and then it would cost them $9.99 for a week to make more changes. I tried setting up techstream and it was a PIA. Since I live over 25 miles from a dealership this device was a small price to pay to not have to make that drive.
    lgb0250 ·
    Where did the Carista thread go? Usually if a thread is moved the name of the post remains and tells us where it’s been moved to. Seems like there was a lot of interest in it since it had over 20 posts in a very short time. If, and I say if because I don’t know, the Carista post was removed, why wasn’t the techstream thread removed? Since they both cost about the same and do the same things I would assume a thread that advocates using pirated or illegal software would be the first one to go!
    d12ew99 ·
    Phil I'm looking for a sub enclosure box just like yours I'm in Socal would you be so kind as to share your contact? what is the price of the box. looking to fit a 10' or 12' i have an 2015 xle. thank you
    goleafsgo5 ·
    Hey Phil,

    I think it was your but I could be wrong. Did you replace your audio and make thread? My wife wants a proper sound system she hates the Toyota one but I cannot find the thread on it..... Any help would be great! Thanks!
    rdpanes ·
    Hi Phil.

    Are you aware of any thread existence in the forum about round bar/nerf bar installation on a 3rd Gen HL? I'm planning to put one this weekend and it would be nice to read some tips prior to that. Thanks!

    trdsw ·
    I've never heard of the grounding bit and never had an issue with sensor not reregestering with the car correctly. Also have heard of unique GM electrical issues.
    Phil Indeblanc ·
    Sounds good. Do post in the thread. I know I said to pm me, but the mods were concerned about it being a group buy type of thing, so please do post in the thread. I will post the info there as well.
    My installer is trying to keep it around $500 for a box with matching sub be plug and play.
    Ridge Lanuza ·
    concerning about your thread about (basic stereo upgrades) i've been watching that post for awhile now and i'm very interested about buying sub box for my Highlander also. please keep me updated. :)
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