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  • Frank101 ·
    Hi Phil,

    So sorry to bother then, I dunno I happen to remember some memories that just reappear out of nowhere but I was on Toyota Nation since I around March 2016 but I haven't been on the site in a while till only today. But hmmm another memory came back and maybe we all were here on Toyota Nation the first time this website was created, so I dunno. Nice to have met you though!


    Frank101 ·
    Hey Phil,

    I just messaged hardtopte72 that maybe I knew him a long time ago and you might be another friend that I knew a long time ago too. By your user name did you create the chemical bleach? And it was useful in so many ways and helped us clean a lot of stuff that other chemicals either couldn't clean or that it had a hard time cleaning it? If so hello again, it's a long story about what happened to me and if I'm mistaken, sorry about that? But you take care and talk to you later!


    lil-crown ·
    Hey Phil, thanks for the offer. I would like to know more about the electrical and engine, I am in the process of getting the books. It is nice to have something solid to read.


    ferisewheel ·
    Did they really came with fog lamps?? Wow I didn't know that. You know what they previous owner of my car might have taken off the fog lamp cus right now, my car has the mount under the bumper for a fog lamp. Lol.
    Phil_Bleach ·
    Payment sent! Thanks a lot!

    I will need to take the wheels off and inspect the bump stops. Thanks for your time and valuable input, much appreciated.
    71Corolla ·
    Generic sucks, you have to keep the top part of the original and tie wrap the KYB boot to that. Also the KYB boot is plastic not rubber. The bump stop goes on the strut shaft itself can you see if yours are intact? I can't seem to find them on Rockauto that's a bit odd. FYI I bought the Monroe rear insulator at Canadian Tire but it was too big (circumference), I had to cut about 5mm out and then put it in like that.

    I'll sell you the two boots for $45 shipped that's the best I can do, it will take me awhile to find good replacements. They are in excellent condition nearly like new. BTW put silicone grease where the boot/insulator touches the strut mount or they might squeak.

    Here's the various parts of the rear strut assembly.
    Phil_Bleach ·
    My rear boots are ripped and dangling, so I need a new pair 100%. The front ones I can't remember what they look like. The front right strut bottoms out very easily. Do you know the part number for the bump stops, I can't seem to find any info? What's the deal with generic boots and bumpers, like KYB sb101? I'm sorry for all the questions haha I'm just not sure on what fits and what doesn't.

    Think of a price, I'm telling you I'm a buyer :-D But if you don't want to sell can I go generic?

    71Corolla ·
    The front boots are completely different versus the rear, the fronts are usually good. Same with bump stops they are different front/back, same deal they are usually good but can rot out. Found a spare set of rear boots no idea what to charge for them though. New they are $100+ per side.
    Phil_Bleach ·
    I spent a couple of minutes browsing Rockauto for parts. I try to have what's best for the the lowest price, but then don't we all? So here's my grocery list:

    KYB Part # SB101 Includes Bumper Strut Boots x4 = 48.20$

    RAYBESTOS Part # 5451075B Service Grade sway bar link x2 = 28.42$

    MONROE Part # 904922 5 3/4" diameter rear spring insulator x2 = 9.90$

    MONROE Part # 906936 front spring insulator x2 = 11.36$

    KYB Part # 235043 GR-2 / Excel-G rear left x1= 30.44

    KYB Part # 235042 GR-2 / Excel-G rear right x1 = 30.44$

    KYB Part # 235041 GR-2 / Excel-G front x2 = 111.48$

    + 101.67$ shipping for a total of 372$... that's really good I think. By all means, feel free to criticize.
    71Corolla ·
    Don't buy the mounts from KYB stick with Toyota parts here. Your existing mounts are very likely fine although they tend to develop surface rust at the top of the mount. So you will/may need the following:

    Bump stops
    Boots (upper insulator according to Toyota)
    Lower insulators (spring sits on this)
    Rear sway bar links

    On the boots I have only seen generic ones aftermarket the Toyota ones are extremely expensive over $100 each. Finding these used in good condition is difficult but I may have two good rear ones I'll have a look for you. Does your car have the vinyl rear sway bar links or are they metal? Either way getting them off the strut can be a problem you might have to cut them off and replace them.

    On the lower insulator, if you need those Monroe and KYB make them or you can use a piece of rubber fuel line on the coil. The coils I like to clean them up and paint, next time I'm dumping them in a vat of farm molasses that cleans off rust extremely well!
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