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  • fantomblack ·
    Hello, I saw your post on wiring in some cigarette lighters in your avalon, please help me, when I got my '95 Avalon about a month ago, the lighter assembly not only came ripper out, but bare exposed wires on the lighter itself. I wanted to splice them back in but was confused when I looked behind where the ashtray goes and saw only a 4-wire harness and then some random 8-10-wire harness that I can only imagine was left behind from when the aftermarket stereo was installed.

    I need help on what to do, maybe I can do mine like you did yours, or just settle with making my single lighter work again, it doesnt matter at this point, I just need it working for various reasons.

    Thank you for any help.
    95silverspruce ·
    I have learned to live with it, too. But it gripes me that my 95 avalon now driven by my daughter still has a brake light that works perfectly. I am sure the I was having the problem when the car was under warranty, but it's not really something that you think is going to go defective so early.
    camryr0cks ·
    Hi pmesfun,

    I saw in the following thread ( you mentioned an EGR Position Sensor replacement solved your problem.

    Can you give me a bit more detail? On my V6/98 Camry if I lift the throttle quickly around 45 MPH I get a "shudder", as if the engine can't keep pushing the transmission.

    I've replaced the kick-down cable and Throttle Position Sensor, but that didn't help.

    I wonder if my IAC or potentially EGR Position Sensor has something to do with it.

    Appreciate your input.

    Thank you!
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