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  • Jmon04 ·
    I'm gonna try and make it out to both meets this week. How late do you guys usually say out till at the Whitby meet..? I wanna try to make to that one for sure. i wanna get a WRX eventually, but ill still love my reliable Camry.
    Jmon04 ·
    Hey man are you bring out Snow White this weekend? I haven't heard anything about meets in the Durham/Scarborough area. If you know about any, up coming meets that your going to let me know ill bring out my Slamry. PS that supercharger is sick.
    hockmasm ·
    i like your car. can you send me pics of it from the side? also, do you have any pics without the body kit and rims on? not sure if i cant afford a body kit so want to see what car looks like with rims only. [email protected]
    Art Mil ·
    Hey man I like the rims on your cam, are those the TRD 19 x 8 inch 5 spoke low pressure cast alloy wheels? If they are what are the specs, 235/??/19?, with 37 mm offset? Also is your ride lowered? Sorry for bombing you with all the question, Im looking into getting these for my 05 cam
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