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  • Dabcar ·
    We have a 2007 Highlander hybrid. The engine will not start. We thought the kids didn’t close the door all the way. Trickle charged the battery. Now the dash lights, but the engine will not start. Hoping to find some ideas. Spouse thinks it’s the starter, but I can’t locate any info on where the starter is. It’s not where a regular car starter is.
    Bobafet ·
    Aloha Toyota nation I just registered and am looking for info on checking and topping up trans fluid for a 2010 sequoia 5.7 l with a sealed trans. My name is Boba
    coyote111west ·
    Hello Toyota Nation,
    I just registered to the forum today. My name is Craig, and my wife has a 2003 Celica GT and I am looking for a very good set of tires and a set of struts to put on her vehicle. I would appreciate any suggestions anyone may have. I would like to go with a little wider tire and something that is very quiet. In the strut category, something to match the tires and that will make it a lot smoother ride. Any suggestions I would really appreciate.
    lrissolo ·
    Have Camry XLE 4 cyl 2005. I tried for the first time to shift into first, with the automatic transmission. The shift lever would not go into first. stepped on the brake, same result. How do I select first gear?
    Attempted to tighten bolts on door latch striker and unscrewed bolts completely and now I cannot tighten them as a plate or plates must of dropped. What can I do? Appreciate any suggestions, otherwise to the dealer I go.


    Caddyfixr ·
    My 99 camry radio has no audio output. I have another 99 camry and plugged this radio into my other car and still no audio. Is there a "DIY" fix for this problem?
    maxine69 ·
    Hi I am having problems with my Toyota carrolla versa 2008! My key fob has stopped working, the central locking has stopped or king. It's a push button start.
    electrician1 ·
    hey bud.. im new to this web site and just have some general questions about my rebuild. i was hoping to find some helpful feedback !! i just rebuilt a 2001 toyota pickup and it fired up rite away , but now im getting codes and im not sure how to go about fixing the situation.. im by no means a mechanic and could use some experteice on the matter !!
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