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  • redgtxdi ·

    Wow....sorry it took me this long to see this. I usually still look every few days & can't believe I didn't see this message sooner. But.....I have to say that sound you've got is a new one on me. If you really think it's strut mount, I'd have suggestions.

    #1.) Do a "Quick Strut" (Monroe or other brand) as they are actually quite easy to do. Especially in the front. You probably don't really need new struts yet, but it might be cheap for the peace of mind. (I'd probably do both fronts at the same time so both fronts are balanced

    #2.) Take it to a good, reputable shop & just let them figure it out. If it were the strut mount, they might just replace the mount/bearing itself to fix it more directly.

    Either way........I'm sure it comes thru that this has been a love/hate relationship. Great car in theory. HORRIBLY done up in practice! (Toyota should be ashamed).

    Cheers ~ Randy
    AlexRuss ·
    Redgtxdi, read your thread on different rattles. Very informative. Really appreciate the work you put into this.

    I am reaching out to ask for your advice. Would be grateful if you could help. My 2013 Venza developed some sort of rattle in the front, driver side. Here's how it sounds.

    I amplified the sound a bit using chassis ear placed on the park brake mechanism. Any ideas of what may rattle.

    Thanks for your help in advance.
    audiobrad ·
    I'm curious about your under-dash photos placing felt on what appears to be the steering column. I think you said the clamshell was rattling, but it looks like this might be the steering column rattling against an adjacent object. I have a rattle in my steering column which happens at low speeds on slightly bumpy roads. Toyota has issued a service bulletin but the fix is upwards of $2K (I'm just past the warranty). Wondering if your fix relates to this?
    tigone13 ·
    Thank you for posting the youtube video on the signal creaking noise. Dealer ordered this Toyota part # 84140-0T080, replaced it, and it's QUIET. only thing is they screw up and my steering wheel is 5 degree tilted to the right, i have to make another trip back. But Thanks!!!
    kjsimon ·
    I am desperately searching to find what the clicking sound coming from the rear of my toyota is. I seem to have the same issue you had and was wondering if you ever found the answer? I thought that maybe the new drums were defective and we traded those out and 1 day later the clicking came back. any thing would help.
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