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  • BamZipPow ·
    The only real source would be the Toyota EWD (electrical wiring diagram). You could find it on eBay or some of the other publishing websites but I think you would have a better chance at the Toyota Techinfo website. I have a 1998 EWD as well. ;)

    As far as I know, the throttle bodies are the same fer the 3.4L engine throughout the T-100 series. You might want to test the butterfly shaft for any vacuum leaks and alignment just to be on the safe side. ;)

    I don't believe you will be able to run the 95 and 98 ECUs at the same time as the sensors would need to work in conjunction with the ECU. Once you pin out the harness, it would be easy to run the 98 ECU and we would have it documented here in the forums! ;)
    BamZipPow ·
    I know there were a few people who were able to repin the wiring harness for the 97/98 ECU. You'll have to have both wiring diagrams to figure out which wires need to be moved but I do know it's not just a simple plug and play. As far as I know, there isn't a harness adapter made by anyone to do that with. It shouldn't take that long to do it but it will take a lot of careful wiring diagram cross referencing to make sure the right wires are in the right place. If you need any help, I can snap some pictures of my 1998 ECU wiring to make sure you have the right ones in the right place. ;)

    The main issue is that the ECU is not able to handle the surge in airflow from the supercharger. The ECU/power range basically falls flat on it's face. I'm not sure if it is the processing power or just the programming as I haven't dedicated any brain cells towards what the true issue is. If anything, go for the 1998 ECU rather than the 1997 ECU. ;)
    96Wolf ·
    Hey Rory!

    Thanks for the compliments on the truck. I sure do like it! My dad owns it now and drives it everyday. I miss the truck, but couldn't fit my growing family in anymore.

    The seats I had redone at a local mom and pop shop several years ago. If you search for threads started by me you will find it.They still look great.
    The bumper hitch is a funny thing. I had people giving me a hard time about that for a long while, but if you look underneath it is like you said a hitch with a bumper cover on it basically. The only issue was the height of the ball.
    The body work was great to see my dad put some love into. I wanted to do that for years, just all my inside deals kept falling through. Glad it is done and looks great. This truck being in the family since new is the best truck to keep around.

    Thanks for sending me a note, sorry it took a long time to respond. I was just in this system for some password thing and I saw the message.
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