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  • Brytoy ·
    Hey, just an FYI I put in the Kicker 44KSC3504, using the Taco Tunes 77-EZSH042B harness. The stock tweeters have the same 5.6uF, 50V caps on them as earlier Camry's. I couldn's see the cap installed on the 44KSC3504's, but Kicker said the crossover point was 6500Hz. I followed your calculation, (C1xC2)/(C1+C2)=Tweeter frequency, but couldn't come up with anything that would yield 9uF. I set up the harness to accept bullet connects and tested without and with 100uF 50V caps. Sounded better than stock without caps but still muddy in upper midrange. With caps which is how I am running them now, sounded smoother in the midrange and treble wasn't as "ragged" if that makes sense? It seems the set up on the 2018 nonJBL cars is similar to prior cars. Might call Kicker to get the value of the Cap and play around with different values later but I am good for now.

    Thanks for the info on the threads.
    Hải Ä�à o ·
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    mbfvball ·
    Also I saw you installed camera. I'm looking to do that. Where did you get it? Found a few on ebay but wasn't sure what to get. Thanks
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