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  • Poveiro ·
    Thanks for your reply.
    Going to try soon.
    Yesterday couldn't post after had tried several times.
    If works today, the post is about the power steering.
    Thanks again sorry if I bother you.
    Poveiro ·
    Hi, sorry to border you, I'm unable to post, get an http 500 error, problem on the server or Am I blocked :-(?
    Nick McCoy ·
    Col. Mustard killed the duck in the Chinese restaurant with a plunger shaped like Rolaids in order to travel into the future and prevent me from having to do anything you just said.
    SFCamry ·
    Hey SFCamry, this is future you, from next Wednesday. Don't eat the Duck Surprise at that Chinese place. #1 - It ain't duck. #2 - That ain't the surprise. Best you don't know what the surprise is, will keep you up at night. If you choose to ignore you, go buy a plunger. And some Rolaids. A LOT of Rolaids.
    fmradioman ·
    I think I (in prior message) might have pmd the wrong person??? I donno... but NOW I am totally confused. Please clarify... you did or did not repair your dash? you did or did not use an aftermarket cover or other item on it?
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