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  • thattunergirl ·
    I was told on a previous post you might be able to help me match my 2011 inner taillights with my Altis led outer lights. I hope we can get it contact because id really like to find out more. ^_^
    hackmutant2004 ·
    Hey bro. can you give me a quote for my 2009 superwhite corolla S Tail light mods. i love your tail light. its awesome. can you make me one ? thanks
    joeytziel ·
    hellow just saw your taillights mod and love it i was wondering if you could do this mod on my taillights a will pay anything for this or we can do bussines i can send you 4 new corolla fenders for the work where's a pic of the fenders

    dcruz301 ·
    Hey, I am new to this car forum, and I am actually new to the Toyota cars. I have a 2012, same color. but i LOOOVE the way yours looks, and it is the goal i am trying to go for.
    i was just curious, what all you had done to the car. i plan on getting the spoiler, and the TRD black 5 spoke rims, and the darkest tint i can possibley legally get in NC. anything else you think i should do?
    AlfaOttoParts1 ·
    I have heard of it. However, I am afraid of viruses and not quite sure of how or where I should direct myself to download maps. I need just basic IGO 8 MAPS of North America. Thanks for your response.
    as2ortiz ·
    Hey I am impressed with the Corolla Tail inner LED's upgrade. I need to know how much you charge me for it. And the details to mail to you and return. Please ASAP!!!! Monday if possible.
    joshbrown20 ·
    Hi there, I am very impressed by your work in the tail light thread. Question for you, what do you charge to install the LED's that you did for Dimoala etc and others? I haven't purchased a set of the altezzas yet but will be doing so very soon. I live in Canada so would it be possible for me to buy them off ebay and have them shipped directly to you (you could retrofit etc) and then ship them to me and I will pay for the balance of your work + s/h handling?
    Please let me know
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