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  • amlm1959 ·
    My 2001 highlander (4cyl) is leaking power steering fluid but I can not see were it is coming from, there is a foam piece under the intake manifold that run the full width of the manifold and it is soaked with fluid and dripping down from there, do you think it is a hose or could the pump itself be leaking, I had the car running with someone turning the wheel back and forth but could not see anything actually leaking.

    Thanks for your help
    mgroeger ·
    Hi. I saw your old post about changing your tranny pan gasket. I have a 05 4 cyl and bought the WIX kit from rockauto. I see what you mean about those bolts being HARD to get at. All you used was a standard 10mm box wrench? The type that has an open end wrench on the other end or one of the double box end wrenches?

    did you torque the bolts to spec or jsut tighten them to what felt right?

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