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  • MissJ ·
    Hey, when you have a chance , check out the vid for the 2014 Lexus IS. I'm in love !! I'm kicking myself for not waiting !! I was kinda impressed by the features on my car, but now , this pales in comparison. I want to test drive one, so I can drool some more !!
    jwcies ·
    I saw a pic of a silver xrs that you posted a while back on a pic forum. If it is yours I was wondering what springs you used to lower it. That is exactly how much I wanna lower mine. Thanks!
    silver04rollas ·
    Thanks kottmeier. I will check it out and find more about it. By the looks of it, the thread seems to be merged in a bigger recall thread. However, I will give a confirmation on this.
    kottmeier ·
    Hi there, not sure who I should send this to but there seems to be a glitch in the 10th Generation (2009+) Corolla forum. When I click on the link for the "Toyota voluntary recall for steering drift" link, I get directed to a different thread regarding ice accumulation on braking systems. Very strange! Hopefully you can help fix this. Thanks!

    silver04rollas ·
    I checked your issue out. Looks like your account is fine. You also were able to successfully post in the introduce section. Is there still any issue then?
    TheoGeo ·
    I signed up for the free membership. i'm I allowed to post a new thread on a forum? The posting rules box at the bottom of the forum page says I am not.
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