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  • birdistheword ·
    hi thanks for the wiring information

    how much would you sell the pair of speakers (ones that belong at the bottom of the doors)? i'm in the 19154 philadelphia area. if you could let me know what the shipping costs would be also, i would appreciate it.
    bpaff ·
    Any chance you can email me the wiring information for the 1998 Toyota Camry. I'm trying to help my son get his car working and some of the wires in the engine compartment are busted right at the connectors. Thanks, Brian [email protected]
    Droopne ·
    Hey thanks I got it figgured out with the help of your pic, check thread for reason.... Im stupid lol. If you would though I could definitely use some "goodies" since ive lost all my pics and now all I got it a haynes manual lol email
    randybill ·
    Thanks for all your posts on here. They have really helped and and inspired me. My car is slowly transforming into something fun to drive. I'm looking to do a 5 speed swap next. Then I think I'll be "done" since this car is still a DD.
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