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    Hey man.

    I've just swapped in a Lexus ES300 seat into my 01 camry. I've wired it up as you've shown in your video, but I'm not getting any movement from it. The seat belt sensor is functioning. I'm not sure which green wire coming from the seat is which since they are both colored the same. I've tried configuring both of them ground/power visa versa. There's another set of wires orange and black coming from the seat, these remain unconnected right?

    Any help would be awesome. Thanks
    OBwan ·
    Saw the picture on your avatar and thought I'd get your opinion. I've been running a 2000 Solara and a 99 Camry for a few years and I am considering replacing the Camry with a Lexus ES350. As you seem to have both ...How do they compare? Looking at an ES in the 07-09 range so smaller than your GS. Obviously the interiors will be a step up but how do they ride, handle and what is a good guideline for fuel economy. Also any other comments you might have would be appreciated.

    Thanks and sorry for the bother.
    hontoytech ·
    SpeedKar9. Thank You, for the info and the video. I watched a few times, but have a questions about the diagram. Pc Serial Port. pins 1, 2, and 9 no connection to it. And eeprom adapter pins 5, 6, and 7 also no connection?) The 5V Zener Diodes connected 1 leg between 4.7K and the Eeprom. The other leg of the Zener Diode to Ground? Pin 5 from serial port to ground? and pin 5 from eeprom to ground also?. Pin 8 VCC from eerprom to 5V. If you can sent me a pictures of breadboard I would appreciated.

    ste ·
    Your very helpful SpeedKar9, I Have watched many of your videos on youtube. Keep up the good work! :)
    duckyy ·
    Hey, could you help me install an aux input into my headunit? It's a different model from yours but its similar. Currently have it opened up in front of me and have been looking for the L R points on the board but instead found L-CH and R-CH. Would those be the same?
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