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  • Lovedog ·

    Sorry for the delay. I was taken down by a bad bug. Yikes.

    Last I checked you were in Ohio, which is 5 hours ahead of Hawaii. It is 9:01AM in Hawaii, right now and 2:01PM in Ohio.

    Thank you for your kind offer. It really made my day.

    I did a little research on cash transactions via email. Ever heard of Google Wallet?

    I will cover the cost of shipping. Google offers free bank transactions. Lmk what you think.

    Today is going to be hectic. I have a doctors appointment and a bunch of errands to run. Tomorrow will be better in terms of calling. PM anytime.

    808-225-9416 cell

    45-1040 Anoi Rd
    Kaneohe, Hi 96744

    btw your avatar is cool.
    dogobat ·
    hey speedy - tell me more about getting that mount out; did you use the air gun on the nut and loosen the splines that way, or????? I don't like the pound on the fastener w/a hammer program.......
    speedy25 ·
    You change it like any other seal, pry out the old one and push in the new one!

    I'll recommend Exedy for a clutch kit.

    The only other part that might need changing is the front seal of the trans, but these are usually OK since they dont have HOT oil behind them.

    dx-95corolla ·
    How do you change the rear main seal. I have a 1995 corolla DX. Clutch bad, so i am going to change it. It will be my first. Do you have a list of all the things i should change while i am in there? any good links. Any pref on parts brands or should i buy toyota parts like clutch ect

    Bellow is a listing i saw you made thought I would ask you some questions as I have no idea what im doing, but i am pretty mechanicly inclined, but I have never had an issue with my cars transmissions in the past and never had to work on one.

    1995 Corolla DX 1.8L 5 speed with 191k miles

    If the trans was OK when you took it out it will still be OK. If its a different one all you can do on the bench is move it through the gears.

    Dont forget to remove the flywheel and replace the rear main seal. Also make sure you clean the throwout arm pivot and lube it.
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