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  • BigWillGordon ·
    I just red one of your post advising on engine swap for a 1972 Celica back in 2008. You advised not trying the 302 Ford V8 but suggested that a Lexus V8 would be a better choice and that you know someone that has done this. I am very interested in learning more about these engine swaps. I'm thinking of a GM aluminum block V6 into my 74 Celica, maybe trans and rear end as well. Won't be easy but I sure would like to leverage on the experience of others.
    Surferj22 ·
    Mate thanks a bunch for your help...! I don't have any time on my hand for sometime. So wont be able to come catch up anytime real soon. Unless your home and I get a chance on Tuesday afternoon. I fly out again at 8pm. But anyway. I will call your phone in after work hours soon if you don't mind. Preferable time? I do have a few questions but don't want to trouble you to much with your time in replying. Thanks again . Jared.
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