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  • smilee03 ·

    I am new to the forum and have been searching for an answer for a 2nd generation HL: Is it normal for this "Air Bag" light to be illuminated all of the time? Sorry for the basic question, but I can't find a direct answer anywhere. I guess my brain is trained from previous cars that whenever a light is illuminated there's a problem. I have included a link to my post including an image of the light:

    Thank you for your time!
    TheOneHighlander ·
    Hello Sweeneyp!!

    We had the same issue with a 2015 Highlander, the shark fin antenna came off, I was wondering if you don't mind sharing those pictures/instructions on how to remove the liner to get to the antenna and connect a new one there?

    Much appreciated
    "There can be only one!!"
    TN SkyPilot ·
    Patrick, I noticed you are not listed as a moderator now. My presumption is that you are too busy either with a new job or grad school. I, personally, will miss your expertise and thorough posts.
    One question: how to thoroughly dry the carpet and underlying mat in the HL. Last Tuesday when we in Middle TN had a freezing rain, an ice dam formed in the psgr side drain on the sunroof in my 2013 Limited and a good bit of water leaked into the psgr seat and entire carpet.

    I saw in your long post on sound insulation installation a picture of the pad under the carpet and am concerned about mold starting to form in it. I've vacuumed as much water out as possible and am using a low temp heater and small fan to dry it.
    Any suggestions/hints/concerns I can use. Really hate to contemplate pulling the entire carpet out to dry it. Thanks.

    Will Holt

    P.S. And if you don't want to type, I am at 615-446-5405 in Dickson
    Fraisdegout ·
    I've been on the forums for a couple of weeks now, being a recent 2012 Highlander SE owner. I saw multiple posts from you and thank you for all your valuable input. There are a few mods I intend to make on this vehicle and I will be using a lot of the information you posted, so again, thanks a lot!
    There's something I wanted to ask you from one of your posts. I'm looking to replace my stock radio by a more modern unit system, and have been looking at several options (I wish te retain the OEM look with the knobs). In one of your posts, you mention you own a carjoying unit system. I found this one ( which may maybe the one you have. Either way, have you been happy with it ? I'm trying to figure out if it's worth getting an android unit system nowadays ? Not sure how reliable they opposed to say, Ottonavi.

    r0nz3y ·
    Hi sweeneyp,

    Thank you for all the good information you've provided me while researching how to improve the audio in my Highlander '17 XLE. I'm a complete noob so I've found it all very helpful. Before I start popping panels off and splicing wires I just wanted to confirm a few things if you don't mind.

    1) I will be swapping out the dash speakers them with JBL CLUB 3020's - I got this from a Limited upgrade forum - this won't interfere with the XLE dash and side door pairing will it?
    2) I will be putting in a Rockville RWS10CA Slim 1000 Watt 10" Amplified Powered Car Subwoofer by running power from the battery and tapping into the rear speakers for auto on and audio input. I don't foresee any issues with this.

    Thank you for any feedback you may have,
    tdmiller ·
    Hey sweeneyp, brand new to the forums. I apologize if this isn't the best way to reach out. I found my way here while searching for more info on an air fuel sensor replacement for my 08 Highlander. In another thread, you mentioned that you had some documents showing where the air fuel sensors were located? That would be incredibly helpful if you wouldn't mind sending those over.

    In fact, what documentation do you use and where did you get it? From what I've learned doing some (minimal) research, the 08 Highlander doesn't seem to be documented very well? Any recommendations you could make would be great, as I'm trying to get better about attempting minor repairs on my own.

    Thanks so much! And please let me know if there's a better way to reach out in the future.
    biker5500 ·
    Hey sweeneyp, I was wondering if you have ever replaced a front evaporator in your highlander. I have a 2010 v6 2wd highlander. I took it to a repair shop and they put dye in the system and the only place it is showing up is in the water of the front drain. They told me it would be like 900 to replace it with a denzo evaporator core. I didn't know if you would try to replace yourself and then have someone charge the system or pay the money. If u would try it yourself do you know someone that has the toyota repair pages for taking the entire dash assembly out?

    Russell Dash ·
    Hi bro. Found your discussion w/t another member on post #18 at Highlander Nav System replacement, so then found below Sockets. I own Toyota Camry 2007 (V40) and it has standart stereo system (no colored display and extension) I am about to buy Denso DW468100-0259 (Toyota Camry Hybrid) and its sockets are quite different. I know you are good at scheme and diagrams, so could you send me proper one as well?

    All I need is R15,R13 pin out discription. R10 you already described while rear camera installing process.

    So far digital input socket and GPS one are obvious to me. Many thanks.
    Russell. [email protected]
    Bhrudwo ·
    Morning, I have been reading a thread about the Kluger/Highlander rear door indication alarming, and you provided a PM to cassb which helped them fix it. I was wondering if I could also have a copy of the information you sent them and others that helped them?
    lcbjr77 ·
    In regards to adjusting headlights... whats the formula 25' off the wall and how far down should the cutoff be to the center of your headlight lens?

    okharren ·
    Hi sweeneyp, you appear to be The Man when it comes to all things Highlander. I just bought a 2011 Limited and the sunroof is leaking. Have you removed your headliner before and if so, is it a big project? thx in advance, Okharren
    DrDom ·
    Hi Sweeneyp,

    Sorry to hassle you. I'm looking for electrical connector diagrams (pinouts) for the radio (E7033) in my 2012 Highlander Hybrid. You helped me by describing how to put the head unit into diagnostic mode, which showed amplifier as 'not-connected'. I looked at the connectors at the amp end, and that all looks fine. Just wondering if I should pull the head unit out, or if there are any other connectors in-between that I could inspect. But if I pull out the radio and everything looks fine, then I'm gonna need to know what the wires are supposed to be carrying and need pinout and/or diagnostic guide.

    Like I said, sorry to hassle you. I just can't think of any way to get this info except through you!
    -- Dom
    fredcor ·
    Hi All,
    Am looking to get the 2017 HL XLE. I've never used any hood protection in the past. My 2009 Venza shows a few stone chips I've had to touch up, so I'd like your thoughts and experiences on the solid 'Plastic Hood Deflector' as well as the 'Paint Protection Film', both of which are available as accessories. Will the Hood Deflector stand up to automatic car washes, both brush type and touch less. Your comments either way are welcome.
    Thanks in advance,
    districtdavid ·
    Hey Sweeneyp,
    I've enjoyed your posts on the forum. I have a 2008 sport and about to replace the original Toyots and think I will go for the Michelin Defenders. If I remember correctly, you bought a larger tire size. Was there a benefit in doing this for you? I wouldn't mind a bit more height and it appears one can safely go to 255-60-19 without throwing off the speedometer or much else. Did you notice a change in handling, mpg, or noise?
    BUFFO ·
    S...sorry to bother you. If u reply to this pm then I know it works. On main welcome pg..."site issues" Been issues with quotes in replies.. I made reply there & now its gone. Tried to make new reply & can see it in my "review before sending" submit & it dosen't work. I am logged in. Assume site issue, unless issue on my end?

    In/out today, so if I get your reply I will reply sooner/later. Tnx.
    jmjjmj1 ·
    Hello Sweeney,

    I am new here and have read hundreds of posts. My question is one many have asked and some have answered about towing package, my 2014 highlander v6 does not have it. I am trying to get the necessary parts to add this OEM, however anyone I ask says since your highlander did not come with tow package they say parts will not fit. I went to several toyota parts dealers and entered all trims of the 2014 highlander except the hybrids. They all use the same parts for the trans oil cooler, basically 6 parts, the only difference is the outlet hose for the heavy duty radiator. Do you know anywhere I can confirm these parts will fit my vehicle. My solution was by deduction. Thanks in advance.


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