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  • quangchac ·
    chọn sơ đồ tài khoản 418 tốt
    -gói dịch vụ kế toán thuế tại từ liêm tốt nhất
    tại dịch vụ kiểm toán ở ninh bình giá
    -gói dịch vụ báo cáo thuế tại từ liêm uy tín
    -dịch vụ báo cáo tài chính tại từ liêm
    hãy tìm ngay gói dịch vụ lập báo cáo tài chính kèm theo
    biên bản điều chỉnh hoá đơn
    jdh52 ·
    Thanks for the reply. My vin number is 3TMKU72N56M008079.
    I understand what you said and thought that might be issue. I have been looking for a replacement motor but ebay insist that my 2006 model TRD Sport Crew Cab uses a 4000cc engine so it doesn't find me any "compatible" matches. So should any 2006 1GR-FE currently in a Crew Cab body style fit my truck ?


    ndccpf1 ·
    Hi Taco,

    Yes if you can send the procedure that would be great ([email protected]) or here.
    Having worked on front and rear ends for bearings and drive axles up to now they all seem to just have the shaft "pull out" of the bearing / hub (FWD cars).

    Trying to understand why a press would be needed thinking that the rear bearing / hub assembly would just "pull away" from the wheel after the 4 bolts are removed.

    Makes me think this was designed in the USA as I have been working on Toyota products since 1980 and this truck of a family friend seems not so Japanese. Example the clutch laster cylinder is attached to the clutch pedal vs. bein on the firewall in the engine compartment ! I saw this on my 1998 Mazda B4000 (FOrd Ranger).. i mean really !

    Thanks in advance.

    quiggs12 ·

    I read a post where you gave some advice regarding installing intermittent wipers and cruise control on a Base Standard Cab Tacoma. I have a 2014 that is also pretty bare. I just installed a backup camera and would very much like to put intermittent wipers, possibly cruise control, and fog lights as well. I was hoping you might be able to direct me where to go to find all the info I need (as well as the part numbers). The post I looked at was 42 pages long... which is a little rough to read through! :) Is there any chance you can offer some advice? Thanks
    Taco'09 ·
    Ryan, I apologize like crazy for the long time it has taken me to respond but I was traveling out in the boonies and only had dial-up for a long time and did not see your notification.
    Yes, it is the switch at the base of the pedal. It is the cheapest, crummiest switch you ever saw. Mine is the lower end Tacoma and, even though there is a space in the relay box for a brake switch relay, they cheaped out and routed all the current through the switch; you know, like a second grader would do. I took the switch apart and the contacts were burned up from continuous arcing. So I got a new switch and the problem was solved. But this looks to be about a 30K mi. maintenance item on my truck.
    Another thing that will do what you are describing is failure to redo a new zero point calibration after you are done with altering the suspension. If you need further help send me another notification and I will do a better job checking for these.
    Krausery ·
    Hey there,

    I saw your post about the ABS light coming on. I just installed a small lift kit 2 in and 17" tires opposed to the 16" stock and not sure if its coincidence but my ABS light and skid control light will pop on randomly. When I restart the truck it goes off and only pops on once in a while. Is the brake switch your talking about the one connected to the brake pedal for the tail lights to come on and off? Or is it something else. Thanks for your help =)

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