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  1. 02 Sequoia 2wd... need to have some traction

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    Hey Guys, I have a 2002 Limited 2wd. I am wanting it to be able to take the fire roads and trails that I am on sometimes for my outdoor activities like Climbing, Kayaking and such. I know selling it and buying 4wd is probably smarter but it was a gift from the wife and I really don't have the...
  2. Sequoia Pics

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    That is a great pic. I hope more post.
  3. Sequoia Pics

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    Wow, Anyone else? It doesn't take very long to snap a pic with your smart phone and post it here. Anyone?
  4. how to turn the VSC off?

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    It does disconnect the TRAC and VSC. Both are Nanny systems to keep you from sliding off the road during snow, Ice, Rain or just plain bad driving. on a 4wd(I have 2wd) when you shift into 4low it cancels the VSC and TRAC for this reason. An open Diff works better than a system that brakes...
  5. 2011 Sequoia Wiring

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    I would guess if you ran under the door step rails/carpet line back to the C pillar up to the plastic trip and back to the lift gate. it will take lots of wire, add extra and you have to unscrew lots of plastic molding. Tommy
  6. Sequoia Pics

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    I would love to see other Sequoia pics, expecially if you have customized anything. Lifts, racks, rims, paint, bumpers, light bars etc. I am looking for Ideas and would love to see your big rig. Tommy
  7. how to turn the VSC off?

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    Thanks for confirming, That did the trick. I plan on using it by unplugging it a few times this fall if needed and then install a switch if I use it enough. THanks again, Tommy
  8. how to turn the VSC off?

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    Hey guys, First post and First Toyota. I bought a 2wd 02 Sequoia Limited. I do a lot of Whitewater kayaking and spend time on rough roads/ hill climbs. I didn't have the option of a 4wd and really don't need it for most of what I do, but I have read that the VSC will stop me dead when...