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  • panel1947 ·
    I have 2002 prius automatic. 184,000 miles. Always dealer serviced.
    Started having this problem about a year ago. Driving along on the highway and 'check engine' light comes on along with the 'triangle of death'. Pull over and reset the lights by disconnecting/reconnecting the battery. Then runs fine for about 300 miles or more until the lights come on again.
    Lately, the lights have come on and the car has lost power completely on the highway having to pull over. Disconnected the battery and reconnected. Car made it about 10 miles and did it again. Disconnected the battery and waited 30 minutes before reconnecting and drove to my destination 50 miles away.
    Now, I am waiting for the lights to come on again so I can take/tow it to the dealer for codes.
    Any ideas what's going on here??
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