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  • waxtrax242 ·
    I just found this. The president of Toyota is Akio Toyoda, his e-mail is [email protected], not [email protected], as I indicated in my previous post. I've lived in Japan for two years. I'm not sure if most people know, but the majority of Japanese people speak English as a second language. So, it couldn't hurt to send an email, if you're not getting results within the US.
    Sparkland ·
    Hi Traildust,

    Have you heard anything about ToyotaNation switching platforms like many of the other forums have recently done? Namely, RidgelineOwners Club, Piloteers, Subaru Ascent, Outback, etc.


    M70 ·
    I see my posts when logged on but do not see them when I am not logged on . Did I change my settings and not know it .

    M70 I still have the problem of not seeing my posts when not logged on . Please correct that for me.
    Husky Lover ·
    I apologize for writing one more time. You had changed my username from James Twieg to Husky Lover per my request. Thank you. I had created an earlier message, that I did not think was sent correctly, requesting a username change to "JimmyT64". Now a day or 2 later, Yung found the JimmyT64 request somewhere and changed my username to "JimmyT64" even though my most recent request was to you to change it to Husky Lover. I promise to leave you guys alone. You're awesome and the forum is great. I got some much needed advice on my Rav4. Please change my username back to "Husky Lover" if it still is JimmyT64.
    Stay well!
    Jtoyota1992 ·
    I have a 1992 Camry 4 cylinder a/t trans when I came to a stop light when the light turned green and I pushed the accelorator my RPMs shot up but the car wouldn't get out of first luckily my aunt lived about 1/2 mile down and I was able to drive the car there the car won't come out of first in any gear including reverse it dose the same high RPMs no power . Would it be my trans or trans solenoid ?? Thanks
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