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  • ukrkoz ·
    It is what it is. Many forums been affected by this. If you want to post a pic, simply save it on your PC and then upload to TN directly, so now it's on TN server.
    The only hindrance is that it will not allow you to upload same pic twice this way.
    All contributions are greatly appreciated and always welcomed.
    Sparkland ·
    Hi Ukrkoz,

    Evidently the new guidelines offered by Photobucket have rendered images shared on this site non-existent. Unless we pay $400/yr to upgrade our Photobucket account we will not be able to share images on public sites. That is a shame, because all your hard work has been blocked.

    airdrummer ·
    wife's tch, '08, 77k, has been cutting out w/ check hybrid sys mil, but will restart in a few minutes (usually) and the mil goes out, but 2nd time it wouldn't restart, & we towed it to the selling dealer, whose tech says error code is
    P0AE2-773 Hybrid Battery Precharge Contactor Circuit Stuck Closed

    but can't fix it...googling suggests the 12v battery may be the culprit, but
    you've said:

    1 WITH ENGINE RUNNING voltage on cable terminals should be around 13.8 to 14.2, showing good charge current

    i see 13.7-14.4v in the diag screen

    2. with engine off, voltage on BATTERY POLES should be well over 13V. that shows good battery charge status

    i only see 12.6v w/multimeter directly on battery...any suggestions?
    Rebmo ·
    One technique I'm using that would seem to improve mileage is Hill-de-cruise. When using cruise approaching the crest of a hill, I turn off the cruise and just coast up over the crest and resume cruise when it's right above the set speed on the decline side of the hill. The hybrid system and the cruise have no way to know if you are approaching the crest of a hill and are over-accelerating at the crest. All these systems know is what to use to keep climbing. By de-engaging cruise before the crest you cut the climb work while maintaining desired speed over the crest.

    It takes some finessing to find that point where you can glide over the crest, but it's actually pretty safe to do in traffic since you can also hover over the throttle to maintain speed if needed. Most often there is no traffic close enough to matter when I use this technique. Probably not a huge factor, but depending on how many hills are on your route, it must help somewhat. Thoughts?
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