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  • wcoates1 ·
    OK - have wiring diagram and tester. Removed fuses on all 4 lights - both lows and highs. With test leads in place and light switch to full ON got the lows to come on but found no power to the highs when I moved the dimmer switch to turn highs ON. I removed the covering to the dimmer switch and wiggled all the wires - no change. Nothing visible there - What is next step? Wiring diagram would lead me to believe that power comes from dimmer switch - how do I check for a defective dimmer switch?
    chandoidunghoi ·
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    tlamot01 ·
    Saw your pic with the Spyder LED Taillights. I have the same red set but my passenger side outer developed a water leak. Unsure how but it filled up about right below the LEDs before I decided to take action - didn't short out but when I tried to clean it I used alcohol and serously turned it into a clouded mess. Seems the inner plastic dome is painted...
    If you're ever ready to part with those or if they get damged in any way, PM me and I'll buy them off you especially if the passenger side outer is still intact.

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