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  • ramsreddy99 ·
    Hi Steve,
    Just in case XD is sending me a copy

    The lights I need will be the new copy of older version (9006 XTREME LED HEADLIGHT KIT)

    412 320 6796
    2017highlanderLE ·
    Hi Steve,

    I am looking to order the hid kit with Philips 4300k bulbs for highlander and H16 extreme led fog light kit. does the fog light kit come with bulbs too? would these both if ON blind the on coming car? Thanks!
    zeroifex ·
    Hey Steve, a quick question. I own a 2011 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L V6 as well... and I'm wondering if that H11 Xtreme LED Low Beam Headlight kit will fit in this vehicle. I know the 2011 Accords have not much space to work with inside when installing lights. I wanted to purchase a set but I wanted to know if they will work, fit, or even cool right with those cooling fins attached to the bulbs. A timely response would be appreciated!
    lexusman ·
    sorry i searched ur posts and found them ordered for my 2013 camry. i shouldnt need anything else but the kit for the headlights?
    Newps ·

    A couple questions for you. I have a 2014.5 TCH. I am looking to change from the halogens to the HID's. Looking at the Xenon Depot website I see a couple options. First I see is the H11 HID Kit | Volt HID. The only option given is for the color temp of the bulb. For another $50 I can get the Xtreme HID kit. There is an option with this kit for the CANbus. I have the DRL's switched off in the on screen menu and do not plan to ever use them, would I still need the CANbus?
    Second question. I installed HID's on an older Cadillac a couple years ago. The HID's were for the low beams only. Here's the problem, when using the brights for more than a few minutes when I would then switch back to the low beam HID's they had now cooled off and for about 5 seconds there was very little light coming out of the headlights. Not good at 60+ MPH. So will I have this problem on my TCH? Thanks.

    Kingmi24 ·
    Hey i have a question I have a 2016 Highlander XLE just got HID installed I always leave the auto on and sometimes either 1 or both lights turns off can you please help contact me at [email protected]
    gemini_or ·

    I would like to change the low beam headlights on my 2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited Platinum to HIDs.

    I have decided on the Philips 4300K bulbs. There are multiple vehicle options listed (without CANbus, Mopar 2015+ and with CANbus).

    I am wondering which of the packages i should be ordering for my vehicle. Also, I'm wondering if there is any special pricing for TN forum members.

    I appreciate your help,

    -- Mehdi Attaran
    Phone/Text: 503-816-9444
    JaimeC ·
    HI Guys

    I installed the HID's on my 2015 Camry....both low and high beams.....I see a dark line (shadow) on the floor of one light when i turn it on.....Is that by chance the filament outside of the bulb when it is inserted casting a shadow? They were both very tight to put in and I had a hard time twisting them in place. any advise on the process of installing them?

    Where should the filament point when inserted into the housing? Up or down? Towards Driver or Passenger?

    Your advise is great appreciated!
    bored7one4 ·

    I recently order your HID kit with upgraded philips bulb at 4300k. installed them yesterday without issue but I notice there is a bit of flickering on the kits. is that normal? I did not use the relay harness included. lmk what we can do to fix it?

    also my wife doesnt like the color (had 5000k ddm kit before) do you offer 5000k with philips bulb?
    knash ·
    Hi Steve,

    Here is my number, 13026 I have already received the lights and would need to return them. Sorry for the mess up....
    perihelion ·
    Hi, per our discussion on this thread:

    I'm still having issues with 1 bulb intermittently not igniting. I've narrowed it down to 1 bulb by swapping the bulbs while keeping the ballast/ignitors in the same place. I'll turn my lights on and only the passenger side bulb will ignite. If I then shut the car off, open the hood, and try to push the connectors between the bulb and the factory headlight harness together harder, then the bulb will ignite on the next attempt. I've attempted to push these connectors together firmly and then use electrical tape to hold the connectors together in this pushed in state but after a day or so, I'm back to the problem where it won't light.

    For this reason, I think the issue is in the wiring/connector on the bulb side where it connects to the factory harness. How do we fix this from here?

    kamry2002 ·

    I recently purchased a H11 HID Extreme w/ Philips bulbs for my 2015 Sienna and have some questions.

    On cold start it looks blue however after a min or so its not as blue anymore. The reason I asked is on my other car I have factory hid and it doesn't look blue on start up, it looks more like white purplish (I think I have D4S Philips 4800k)

    I see two round light spots right above the cut off line when i park in front of my garage door. is it possible due to bulbs that are not probably placed in the headlight sockets?

    acrophim ·
    Order date: 2015-04-10
    Order#: 8507

    Going out of town soon and order is still in the processing stage. Please let me know what is going on since I would like to have my order in hand before leaving town. Thanks.
    Sean v4 ·
    Hi Steve,
    thank you for offering to help, but I emailed customerservice and they have already offer me 60 for the bulb replacement. However, I just can't afford to do so at the moment.
    If possible, since I don't use the relays wiring kit. can I send that back to you in, in exchange I can get a new phillip bulb?? :) :) pleaseeee.

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