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  • XLEHigh ·

    1) The Toyota key fob still works the same way as before, no changes.

    2) Same as before, just open the doors, key fob proximity still senses that the key is nearby. The only annoying thing whether you have an OEM starter installed or the Viper is that as soon as any door is opened, the engine shuts off. Most automakers are going this route. You can remotely start the vehicle with the fob by quickly pressing the lock door button 3 times. Are you getting the phone app feature where you pay an annual fee or 3 year option at a slight discount? I got the 3 year plan at time of install. It's nice to have the ability to start the vehicle from anywhere as long as there is a cell signal. Without it, you will have to be near the vehicle for it to receive the signal by pressing the door close button three times. Plus you can see on the map where your vehicle is located, might some unfortunate day come in handy if your Highlander is stolen.
    jmeray ·

    Hey - i saw you installed a Viper VSM450 in your highlander 2018.
    Can you tell me....

    1) Do your toyota keyfobs still lock/unlock the doors by proximity now that you have the system installed?
    2) If you remote start the SUV, how do you get into the vehicle? (can you just open the door using keyfob proximity or do you have to stop the remote start via the app first, or disarm the vehicle via they toyota keyfob first?

    I'm trying to figure out what will no longer work normally, once you install the VSM450. The installers in my area have not done a 2018 highlander, so they are unsure what will or won't work via toyota keyfob once the unit is installed. (like proximity unlock/hand in door handle, like how do you access the vehicle if the car has been remote started from the cellphone app).
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