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  • Slappy2 ·
    xspeed, I was looking through some threads about stiff suspension and noted that you have commented on this thread. I also noted that you have a picture of your car in your signature. I like the way the car is lowered evenly.
    Can you tell me what lower kit, along with struts you used to get a even stance?
    Also, do the current struts you have give you a nice smooth ride? My SE is really stiff, nearly uncomfortably stiff.
    PoorJohn ·
    In 2012 you kindly posted a detailed DIY about how to replace instrument cluster lights in 1st Gen Avalon. I kept the link but now the links to the photos are dead. Any chance you can share those again? A zillion thanks (for the post, if not the pix) pj
    s_spiff ·
    I've been following your posts on led conversion. I have a 97 camry which I was planning on converting to LEDs. I was wondering if you could tell me how you set it up? And I've read multiple posts about how these burn out. Have you experienced this with your setup?
    xpeed ·
    It's pretty hard not to have dead spots. You will have them here and there but I used the 15 LED type so that I can get the brightest light to overcome the dead spots. Brighter you go, the less
    xpeed ·
    Well, I'm sure the TRD 18"s are 18x7. The offsets are probably between +34-42. So I can't really say because I don't know the offsets. The tokicos doesn't really matter as they're just shocks. They don't lower the car in any way. That's what the springs are for. Since you're getting H-Techs, you won't have much problems with clearance. I have no problem with clearance and I didn't need any spacers. Right now, I'm running on 18x7 rims w/+38 offsets wrapped in 225/40R 18 tires. Hope this helps you out.
    mreman99 ·
    xspeed I am curious if you have any clearance issues with your combination of tokico struts, tein springs and 18" wheels. I have already ordered h-tech springs and tokico struts and would like to run the 2007-11 camry trd 18" wheels but am unsure if the overall 26" diameter and 8" wide tire I have selected to pair with them will clear. The stock 14" setup runs just about 24" in diameter and my h-tech springs don't lower even close to what the s-tech do so in theory it will work but I was hoping you could add some insight from your own experience. Thanks very much for your help.
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