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      Not yet. I started to do the install last fall and realized that I wasn't sure how to mount the lights on the bumper or through the grill. We're getting a local stereo shop to install them this week.

      I found a switch on that looks close enough to factory. Hopefully it works better than the reviews. If not, I'll order one from my local Toyota dealer.

      I've mounted extra lights on my motorcycle. Once they are in place, set up a horizontal guide with some painters tape about 25-feet from the car. Then you can aim the lights so they don't blind oncoming traffic.
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      Thanks for the info! That forum post for the 2012 Focus is really in depth, but looks like it's more of a challenge as the newer cars are more sophisticated and high tech, and everything seems to be controlled by the Body Control Module, so he has to make a work around with a basic, directly wired switch, which looks like it would be similar to the way it would be in our older Corollas, if there is no prewiring available.

      I'm going to take my car to someone to have a look for me and see if any pre-wiring is visible in the front bumper area for fog lights, and maybe test fit the fog lights. If my car is prewired, I will order the turn signal switch that has the fog light switch integrated (and of course, the headlight switch). If it looks like my car is not not prewired, then I will get a dash mounted switch. I did some research and found some Toyota part numbers for dash mounted fog light switches which "should" fit in one of those openings on the left side of the dash with a blank cover plate or the coin holder. I called Sparks Toyota TRD parts department since they do a lot of shipping of OEM Toyota parts. Here are the part numbers I asked him to check:

      00550-42966 discontinued (this was the switch that was supposed to be for a late 1990s RAV4 that I used in my former 2006 Matrix but it has since been discontinued)

      00550-35976 (original equipment for a 1997-2000 Camry and a 1996-98 4Runner) $8.95 - Also available on Amazon, looks like it will fit in one of those openings with a blank cover or coin holder, although Amazon says it won't fit a 2003 Corolla, probably because it did not come on that car, but "should" fit in that spot.

      84160-04010 (original equipment for a 2005-2012 Tacoma) $42.35 - Also available on Amazon but I'd like to see one in person, as it looks a bit different and may not fit in those openings with a blank cover or coin holder.

      Not sure why there is such a price difference between those two switches. Maybe one is better than the other? Or they price the ones for newer models higher?

      Dash Mounted Switch
      If I end up using a dash mounted switch, custom wired to the fog lights, I guess I could have it set up so that the fog lights stay on even if the high beams are turned on. I think that's the way it was set up on my former 2006 Matrix (also custom wired with a dash mounted switch). As long as the relay and fuse can handle the electrical load and doesn't blow anything or start an electrical fire, it's fine with me.

      Plug and Play Turn Signal Switch
      The turn signal switch with the fog light dial is $160.75 (forgot to ask for the part number). In a previous post on this thread, there is a link to one on Amazon for about $100 less, though it shows as being a GM AC Delco part, presumably for a Pontiac Vibe. One of the reviews says it fit a 2007 Corolla, but that doesn't mean it will work in a 2003 Corolla. The 2003 and 2004 Corollas have many things that are unique to those years, so not sure I want to take the risk.

      They're a bit pricey, but not as bad as I thought. I was expecting it to be $400. Getting a used one makes me nervous. Used electronics are hit and miss. And if it doesn't work, then I have to pay labor for someone else to try it, or to later remove it and install a new one. Might as well just get a new OEM switch from the start and have that peace of mind.

      Off-Topic Wiper Switch for Variable Intermittent Wipers in a vehicle that didn't originally have it?
      The above mentioned switch does not include the wiper switch. It's available for $129.61 with the variable intermittent wiper feature. My car has the fixed intermittent (wipers move about every 3 seconds, plus low and high speed). I asked the parts guy if I plug in the variable intermittent wiper switch in my car which did not originally have it, will it make my wipers work on a variable intermittent speed, but he did not know if it would work. I'm not sure if the switch makes all of the difference, or if there's a different wiper motor, different wiring harness, or additional parts needed to make it work. But it sure would be nice to get variable intermittent wipers and change that switch while the steering wheel is off anyways, for the turn signal switch.
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