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      If the fluid is low when the transmission is at operating temperature, then when cold it's even lower. The ATF expands when it warms up. I would consider dropping the pan to change out the strainer too. That way you can inspect what's in the pan too.

      Here's a DIY. You don't have to do the cooler line flush if you don't want to. DIY: 5S-FE Transmission Fluid & Strainer Replacement...

      If you buy over the dealer counter just make sure they don't give you T-IV. A member had shift problems after dealerships (multiples of them), told him T-IV was ok. It was NOT.

      If you don't mind using aftermarket fluids try

      Many members including myself like:

      Maxlife works fine with power steering too. Just do multiple refills, no need to disconnect the reservoir hose, the reservoir might be brittle with age. Changing Power Steering Fluid - advice needed

      1/2 quarter if is still low after driving a lot sounds good!

      is this Fluid ok? (ATF – Dexron® II/III)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts

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