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      00 Camry i4.

      Would I have to lift the car up on all 4 tires to get to it?

      Would this tool do?

      I already have a O2 sensor socket.

      At a minimum you'll need to raise the front wheels, with a jack and stands, or ramps.

      With modern quality ratchets, breaker bars are obsolete. The square drive will fail on both before the mechanism in the ratchet breaks.

      I prefer either of these two for high torque applications. The extendable ratchet is nice if there's no room to hold the head of the ratchet, but the flex head is handy when you don't have a straight shot at the fastener.

      If it's been a long time since it's been removed, snip the wires and use a regular deep (preferably impact) socket. Use your 02 sensor socket when you install the new one.
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      I need to buy a flex head ratchet now. The choice comes down to two, one from Craftsman for $20

      Another from HF for $30 - 15% = $25

      Most of my tools are from Craftsman and its relative GearWrench. However, in this case, GearWrench is too expensive ($50+). So it has to be one of the two. Both have decent reviews. The HF one is nicer with a comfy handle. But somehow Craftsman brand seems to carry a bit of more positive feelings. So this decision becomes a bit hard. Any suggestions guys?
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