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      yeah I've seen those color ones for 1/2'' in HFT, but 15mm wasn't included in my socket set with ratchet and stuff in a box anyways.
      not a problem either way, because I still have the 15mm socket in 3/8'' set (SAE+metric by Duralast) so I can use it with 1/2'' via adapter.

      I was just trying to think of a non metric equivalent, but there isn't one. So 15mm is what the thing has to be. Just don't recall seeing any nut or bolt that was 15mm before. I have a 15mm in my 3/8 drive set, but never once used it. BTW, I have a 1/2 drive shallow 6 point set made by Craftsman, but it's 25+ years old.

      I love the old Craftsman ratchets, I have a set of fine tooth from way back when, best ratchets hands down IMO.
      exactly. now I recall what I tried on that nut. I actually tried on all similar SAE sockets (don't ask me about sizes) but none of them fit tight, only 15mm metric was a tight fit, so it must be it.

      as I wrote above, I have that socket in 3/8'' set and that was literally the very first time I used it after swapping front strut assemblies to Monroe Quickstruts hehe :lol: ... and now I have to keep using it every time I need to remove the strut brace on both cars :facepalm:

      I wish 1/2'' shallow socket sets were commonly 6-point, but since almost all (below $50) are now 12-point then oh well, let's use them ...
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