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      Yeah, OP's parts store socket set is probably carbon steel. Those don't last long around harden nuts and bolts. OP can check out the HF 64 pc chrome vanadium set and add a 1/2" metric socket set. All for about $40 on sale. Maybe some extension bars and a 1/2"-drive 18" (or 25") breaker bar too.

      The old 6-point HF Pittsburgh set I have was made in Taiwan, then they switched to 12-point sockets made in China. Many of the wrenches are made in India. I have HF tools from all these countries.

      HF's teardrop ratchets are pretty good, IMO better than the Craftsman (some call Crapsman) 36 teeth ones they've been making in the past decade. However, HF in recent months downgraded the 48 teeth ratchets to 36 teeth but still advertised 48. Still I would check these out if you want to add a ratchet or two. Can't beat the value.


      I was looking at Danaher again but they only showed Matco Tools under the group. Gone were the GearWrench, KD, Armstrong, etc. All these got spun off to a new company called Apex Tool Group. So I don't know if today's Craftsman are made by Apex or Danaher. Some say GearWrenches already started import tools from China since it was spun off last July.

      I picked up some old Danaher sockets on sale at Lowes as they replaced their Danaher line by tools made in Taiwan. The new ratchets have 72 teeth. Really smooth. I'll check out what they'll put on sale on Black Friday. :D

      However, even the broaches of the Harbor Freight sockets have the rounded verticies and curved edges GearWrench calls "Surface Drive Technology". IMO HF sockets with lifetime warranty actually look better made than today's Craftsman. But time will tell how long they'll hold up. But for most I think HF tools are pretty good value when on sale (they jacked up the prices this year).

      Craftsman tools and some other brands are made by the Danaher Tool Group.
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      If you're checking into electrical faults then a multimeter from Harbor Freight Tools ($5 on sale) or a Craftsman on sale at Sears ($11) should work fine. You probably dont' need a test light now if you have a multimeter, and some test lights shouldn't be used on electronic ignition systems because of current draw anyway (can damage transistors):

      Craftsman Multimeter, Digital, with 8 Functions and 20 Ranges
      $11 on sale Sears Item# 03482141000 | Model# 82141
      Or HFT $5 on sale:

      If you are going to be doing your own oil changes and transmission fluid drains/refills, then a metric socket set and hex bit sockets (for transmission and differential drain bolts) at HFT, 6 Piece 3/8" Drive Metric Hex Bit Socket Set. Or just get a single 10mm one $5.49 at Sears (Sears Item# 00942679000 , I think the $8.99 HFT set is a better deal myself, but you likely won't need the others):
      plus an oil filter wrench especially good for the smaller I4 filter:

      A mechanic's tool set like:
      HFT $32, but you'll need an additional 1/2" metric socket set for heavier work and maybe a few others later:

      Or the Sears 118 pc set on sale $54-60 has most sockets you'll need, but has only 1/4" and 3/8" ratchets, not the 1/2"-drive ratchet. IMO this is the better deal and you can get a HFT 1/2" ratchet later if needed:
      1/2" HFT ratchet, $12 on sale:
      1/2" set of extension bars:"+extension

      Or build them separately starting out with a 3/8" set and then a 1/2" set with a short extension bar and a 14" breaker bar, but these are only metric:

      For tire rotation a 18" long (or 25" long for more leverage but clumsy) 1/2"-drive breaker bar:

      I would also pick up a set of torque wrenches when the sale prices are like $12-19 each or so.

      Plus other basic hand tools like screwdrivers, pliers, etc.
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